Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


26. Chapter 18


     Kalli's P.O.V

"Are we walking there??" I ask them.

"If you want to." Niall says.

"I want to." I tell them.

"Then we'll walk." He says.

We walk through a park and i stop by the lake and look at the ducks. Niall pulls me away and we go to a cross walk. When the 'walk' sigh comes Niall starts walking next to Zayn and i see a car coming towards them. I run in front of them and block them from the car. They both realize what im doing and try to move me its too late. "I love you both." i say as its about to hit me and everything goes black.

  Niall's P.O.V.

I open my eyes and Liam, Louis and Zayn are standing over me. 

"Oh thank god your awake." Liam says.

"Why? What happened? I had the worst dream ever. Me Kalli and Zayn were going to get ice cream for breakfast and we almost got hit by a car but Kalli blocked the way. Remind me not to eat doughnuts before i go to sleep." I say.

"Niall" Zayn sighs "It wasn't a dream. It all happened." he tells me looking at the floor and i realize I'm on a hospital bed.

"What??? Where's Kalli???? Is she ok????" i say panicking. "I have to go see her!!! Where is she???" I yell trying to get up.

"Niall. Niall. NIALL!!! Calm down!!!" Liam yells at me and i calm down a little.

"Where is she? Tell me." I ask.

"She's dead Niall. When she block you and Zayn from the car the impact killed her. I'm so sorry." Liam says.

"What??? It's not true!!! It's not true!!! You're lying!!! YOU TOLD US SHE WAS OK!!! YOU SAID THAT SHE WAS FINE!!! HOW COULD YOU!!! SHE WAS LIKE A SISTER TO ME!!!" Louis yells at him bursting into tears.

"Is she really dead?" I ask.

"Yes, she is." Liam says.

I start crying and Liam trys to comfort me. I keep hearing Louis yell at anybody who trys to talk to him until Zayn hugs him. He starts sobbing and starts talking about how she was too young to die. The doctor comes in and tells us that i have a broken arm and I'll have to wear a cast for 3 weeks but i was fine to go home. We all go to the car and i realize Harry wasn't there.

"Where's Harry?" I ask wiping the tears from my face.

"He's back at the flat. After I told them what had happened Makenna seemed very upset so he went to the flat to comfort her." Liam explains.

I try to say something about Harry being a flirt but all that comes out is "Oh." 

"Yeah." is all he says and everybody's quiet the rest of the way except for Louis sniffing every once in a while.

When we get to the flat Harry and Makenna are cuddling on the couch. Harry asks where Kalli is and Louis runs to the closest room, which is mine, sobbing and slams the door shut. Before he can ask whats wrong with him Liam breaks the new to him and Makenna burst into tears and Harry comforts her. After a few hours of us just sitting around on the couch ignoring the TV, Makenna says that she has to leave and Harry offers to take her home.


One more chapter left... which will be out in an hour. I cried SOOOOOOO much while writing this. Please don't kill me... well anyways I'm off to find splash some water on me face and then find some food. BWYEEEE :'( </3

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