Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


25. Chapter 17


 Last Chapter was short and ik i hafnt been on for a while... sorry. I got me laptop taken away and got it a few nights ago but i couldnt get on... but anyways heres a slightly longer chapter.


"Why isnt he dead yet? And why are you smiling?" Niall says.

"He promised me ice cream for breakfast. Now lets go."

"Can i go with you guys?" he ask.

"Sure. Come on." I say and we leave.

    Harry's P.O.V

 Kalli, Zayn and Niall left and Liam puts Toy Story in. After 45 minutes in to the movie theres a knock on the door. I get up and answer it and see Makenna there. 

"Hey what are you doing here?" I ask her walking out in to the hall and closing the door.

" i accidentally told me friends that i was dating you and they--" before she even finishes i kiss her.

She puts her hands around my neck and i put mine on her waist. I pull away and ask her "Will you be my girlfrien?" 

"You forgot the 'D'." she says laughing

"Dont worry about the 'D', you'll get that later." i say cheekily and kiss her again.

We go into the flat and sit on the couch and continue to watch the movie. After its over we watch some random tv. 

"Anybody hungry?" Louis asks.

"Yeah, can we go to Nando's" Makenna asks.

"Sure lets go."

We all go to my car and I drive to Nando's. We get there and some girls realize who we are and ask for autographs, which we give them. We sit down at a booth and read our menus. When the waitress gets here we order our food and drinks. 

"So Makenna, are you in college?" Louis asks.

"Yes, i go to Duke" she says.

"Thats a long way from here." Liam says.

"Yeah its cause I'm on break for a while." she explains.

"So why over here for break?" i ask her

"Cos i miss it over here." she  says

"You used live here??" Louis asked

"Yeah..." she says.

"Sooooooo are you and Harry dating????" Louis asks.

"Louis you cant just go around asking people if there dating someone." Liam says

"You told me that same thing when I asked Niall why he wasnt a leprechaun." Louis whined.

"Cos you shouldnt!!!" Liam yells at him.

People start staring at us and the waitress brings us our food so we start eating. Some people stare at us whispering and pointing. I start getting self conscious. 

"You guys notice the people staring and pointing and whispering too right?" i ask them.

"Yeah. I wander what thats about." Liam says just as his phone starts ringing.

"Hey... wait what??? When??? Where are they??? Oh my god??? Ok we'll be right there!!!" he says.

"Liam what happened??" Louis asks.

"Kalli, Zayn, and Niall..." he starts


*Le gasp* what happend to them??? are they otay???? all of the questions and more might be going thru your head right now... but idc cos i did it to yall. I had too. if i didnt thn we wouldnt haf one or so more chapters left. I love you. I did it for you... just rmbr tht. It was all for you. I dont want to let the story go but i haf to end it someday... one or so chapters left, oh ima miss yall!!

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