Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


24. Chapter 16


 I haf a weird urge to start singing Baby Got Back... but thats wa i get for reading a fanfic that describes Louis' butt. I'm bored so this might be short.... like really short... and i miss me friends... stoopid spring break. I love PIE!!! Who knew Victoria Justice could be such a bitch... shes like major bitchy snob in Spectacular!. But I love that movie... Avon Jogia's Indian accent is hot... 


"Kalli wake up!!!" someone yells at me and hits me with a pillow.

"Wa do ya want???" I yell at whoever.

"For you to wake up." they say.

"No. Go away." i say burying my face in the pillow. 

"The bed is wet. Get up or I'm going to take a  picture and tell everyone that you wet yourself." they say

"Do it. I don't care." i say getting comfortable.

"There took the picture." they say

"Otay. Now go away." i tell them.

They pick me up over their shoulder and take me to the living room. I glare at him and realize its my brother... which makes me want attack him.

"Now calm down. I know I took you away from the bed but I did it cos--" I never get to know what cos i jump him and we start wrestling.

"What is going on here???" Liam says picking me up off of Zayn, who runs to the bathroom screaming "MY HAIR!!!" 

"Let me at him!!!" I say trying to get out of his grip.

"No. What happened?" he says

"Just let me handle it." i say.

"Why does Kalli look like she's ready to kill?" Louis says walking into the living room with Harry and Niall.

"Let me go Liam!!! I'm going to MURDER him!!!" i yell as Zayn walks in dressed and with his hair fixed.

"What'd you do to her, Zayn?" Liam asks.

"I just woke her up. I have no idea what else i did to her." he says hiding behind Louis.

"I hate you!! I watch C.S.I!!! I can make you death look like an accident!!!" I yell at him.

"Let her go Liam. I want to see this." Harry say.

Liam lets me go and Louis moves out of the way while i sprint towards Zayn. He runs and i chase him and tackle him on the floor. We start wrestling again and he say "I'll get you ice cream for breakfast if you stop." 

I stop, get up, run to my room, change and jump on his back in 5 minutes. "Lets go" i say.


Chapter over. Sorry I'm not sorry. but anyways... i thought it over and the book is going to be over soon... and theres no sequel coming. im really sorry and dont track me down and kill me after you read the last chapter.  byeeee

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