Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


21. Chapter 14

 I wake up crying... again and MaKenna asks me whats wrong. i tell her its nothing and go to my room while she continues talking to Liam. Nialls there and i begin telling him the story... in the end he's crying with me. Then the other boys come in and i explain to Zayn what happened when i was 4... when me and mom went on a vacation just us two. 

"She would yell at me all the time. She would get drunk and beat me." i tell him

"She would never do that!!! You must have imagined it!!!" he yells.

"I didnt imagine it, Zayn!!! She did those things to me!!!" i yell back with tears in my eyes.

"Wheres your proof??" he half yells.

I pull up my shirt to show him a long scar running along my stomach. "There's my proof. She got so drunk one time that she broke the bottle and cut me. Then after a while she realized what she did and took me to the hospital. Im lucky to be alive Zayn." I tell him and everything goes quiet. "You can believe me or not but i know what i saw and felt." i add

"Has she ever beaten you since then?" he finally say.

"Yes." i say

"When?" he asks

"On her bad days, she would beat me. And her worst... all i can say is that Im happy i learned how to drive when i was 10." i tell him

"You're not going back with her. You're going to stay with me. I can't let you go back to that." he says

"Ok." I say.

"You learned how to drive when you were 10???" Liam says concerned

"Yeah... thats a long story we dont haf time for." I tell him.

"Can we go to Nando's??? I'm hungry." Niall says looking at Liam

"Sure." He says and we head out.

We go to Nando's and eat. Then we go out for ice cream and go to the carnival. I pretend I'm happy for their sake. We go on all the rides but when we get to the farris wheel i start backing up.

"Whats wrong?" Niall asks

"I cant get on there." i tell him

"Why not??" They all say looking at me.

"Im scared of heights." i tell them as if its the most obvious thing in the world.

"You went on all those roller coasters and you cant ride a farris wheel???" Harry says

"Yeah. The reason is that the roller coasters go fast. this goes slow and stops at the top... I just cant" I tell them.

I try backing away from them but Niall grabs my arms and pulls me on. It start before I could get off and i grab onto Nialls arm. When we reach the top I look at him and he starts laughing. I hit his arm and he just keeps laughing. When we get off the farris wheel i fall on the ground.

"Are you ok?" he asks while laughing.

"Yeah." I say laughing with him.

"Why is Kalli on the floor laughing and why are you laughing and not helping her up?" Liam says helping me up.

"I fell on the floor and began laughing and Niall started laughing too." I explain.

"So you laughed when you fell?" he asks.

"Yup. I always laugh when i get hurt by my clumsiness... like when i take a wrong step and fall on the ground or when i hit my head against the wall." i say

"Why?" he asks.

"Cause it funny." i say "and its healthy to laugh at that. Gives you a good since of humor." i add

"Are you saying he doesnt have a good sense of humor?" Harry asks.

"No... im just saying that he doesnt have a good sense of humor." I tell him and we all laugh except for Liam.

We go back to the flat and i start filming something on my laptop. Once im done with that i record myself singing For The Love Of A Daughter by Demi Lavato but my version of the song. I post it on YouTube when I'm done and i go to the kitchen and steal some of Nialls food while he isnt looking.

"Kalli you're famous." Harry says walking up to me.

"Well duh." I tell him. "My brother is Zayn Malik from One Direction."

"No i mean YOU'RE famous. Not just because of Zayn because of the video you posted on You Tube. People have tweeted about it, posted it on Facebook. You have over 2 million views in less then an hour." he says showing me his phone.

"Dang!!!" i say.

"Yup." he says "You've gone viral."

*2 Hourz l8r*

We're watching E! News and my video comes up.

"Kalli Malik, Zayn Malik from One Direction's little sister, has more views on her one video then then all of One Directions videos put together." one of the people say

"She's an internet sensation and we all hope she gets signed to a contract." the other one says

"Some of the One Direction fans are saying to put her in the band or have them sing a song together." the first one says.

*Next Morning*

We're driving to the studio because the boys have to record and we're listening to the radio and the person there starts talking about me. I grab my phone and call the radio station. I get put on and I start talking and i get put on air. Someone calls not knowing im on air and I surprize he rand she freaks out. I stay on air until we get to the studio and then when we go in theres a huge crowd there... all screaming MY name. I wave, blow kisses, sign a scribbly line for my signature since i dont have one and write an inspiring note under it. I even hug some people and take pictures. I finally get inside and Simon is talking with the boys.

"UNCLE SIMON!!!" i yell while running and hugging him really tight.

"Hello Kalli. Nice to see you again. Now can you let me go so i can breath?" he says

"Oh sorry." i say and release him while giggling.

"It's OK." he says and we walk to the studio part of the building. 

We get there and while the boys are singing I mess around with the buttons and make their voices sound funny. I get in alot of trouble so I stop. They start singing Back For You and i dance to that song retardly. They end up laughing and i stop when Simon looks at me, which makes the boys laugh even more. After a long day we go home and fall asleep as soon as we hit the bed. 


so like i already know how im ending this book... and y'all aren't gonna like it. Idk if im gonna do a sequel to the book because someone dies in the end, not saying who, but if y'all want me to do a sequel give me some ideas in the comments.

WTC: Rabid Carrots Eat Frosting

I've had a rough weekend and hopefully this week is better... but i doubt it.

Love y'all <3

Dance with monkeys...

Wash a hamsters hair with monkeys...

Make some hobo soup...


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