Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


15. Chapter 12


OMG guys. Real quick before i start this (hopefully) REALLY long chapter. I feel really heartbroken... and I'm eating ALOT of chocolate... IS THAT A GOOD THING???? But for realz tho, tell me. Cause ima really sad and idk why. CAN SOMEONE CHEER ME UP????? ...these peanut m&ms are really goodz.


   I wake up screaming and all sweaty. Zayn comes in and pulls me onto his lap while asks me if I'm Ok. I shake my head and start crying. He calms me down and i ask how long i was asleep. he says 5 minutes and i start sobbing. The rest of the boys come in and hug me.

"I thought it had been hours" I finally say whilst still crying. 

"What?" Harry asks but i just keep crying.

"It's okay. It's okay." Zayn says in my ear soothingly whilst rocking me back and forth. 

We stay like that for an hour and i finally go back to sleep with the boys in the bed with me all crowded together. 

*Next morning*

I wake up all by myself in the bed... I guess they went to their rooms. I get up and trip over someone. I fall but they dont wake up. I look over to see who it is and its Niall. Whoops guess i pushed them off the bed. I stand up and go to the bathroom. I do my business and wash my hands. When i go back in my room i see that nobody's there. I look in every room and i start singing a song in my head. Roaming through the house, roaming through the house. Gonna find me a new pet mouse. Gonna name him Joe Billy Bob. Gotta feed him cheese in a cob. Roaming through the house, roaming through the house. Gonna find me a new pet--"OH SHIT" I yell whilst falling down the stairs.

"Kalli are you OKAY????" all the boys say at the same time whilst crowding me.

"Did you see how fast i got down those stair??? Ima boss like that!!! Whoo!!!" I say excitedly whilst getting up and stealing Niall's bacon.

"HEY!!!" he says offended

"Heyy!!!" I say all girly.

"Thats my bacon!!!" He yells.

"Not anymore." I say whilst running.

He chases me through the house and then i open the door and run out of the flat. I run to the park and he's still chasing me. HE starts catching up to me and i stuff the bacon in my mouth. I start sprinting and after a while he stops and sits down on the ground. I go back to where he is and sit next to him.

"You tired?" He asks me panting.

"No. Not really." i tell him.

"Do you run in marathons or something? Your fast and we've run about 2 miles... and you're barely out of breath." he says while looking at me.

"I dance... a lot. I maybe stage fright but if Im up there dancing with my crew I'm all goodz." I tell him whilst laying down.

"Wow. I bet you're a good dancer." he says

"I think I am. Cause we've done competitions before and we've won all of them and I've won gold for individual dancer." I tell him

"Wow. Wither you guys were really good or the other people were really bad." he tells me and i hit him.

*Skips the rest of the conversation cause I'm too sad and I haf a headache.*

We get back home and eat breakfast.

*Skips a few hours*

The door bell rings and I go see who it is. I open the door and it's MaKenna. I invite her in and we talk for a while... but i end up falling asleep on the couch while talking.


Next chapter will be in MaKenna's POV and it'll start from the last chapter. Man i got a headache and i ran out of peanut m&ms... Ima go get more. BWYEEE--- my headaches too big for me to finish it. :"(    

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