Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


12. Chapter 10

Once upon a time there lived a monster named James. He was mean and ugly, but his eyes were the pretties eyes you'll ever see. They were beautiful shade of green and blue. Nobody ever saw them cause they were so afraid that the monster was going to eat them they ran. One day the princess goes for a walk and finds the monster by the river.

"Rawr!!!" the monster growls.

"Boo!!!" the princess yells back.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" the monster asks meanly

"No. Not really." the princess replies.

"Well you should be." he says.

"Well I'm not so what you gonna do about it?" the princess says very sassily"


"Is she sassy because of me??" Louis asks me

"No. Now no more interruptions." I say


"I'll eat you that's what I'll do." the monster says.

 "Then do it cause i ain't scared." she says

"Fine. I will." he says showing his fangs.

"Ahh. I'm so scared." she says sarcastically.


"I'm hungry." Niall says

"You know what???" I say

"What???" he says

The door bell rings and i get up to answer the door. I open the door and El, Dani, and Perrie are there looking like they're going to a club with tight or short dresses on.

"Hey guys. What are you doing here?" I ask them.

"Are you doing anything right now?" they ask

"No. Not really why?" I say.

"What about the story??" Louis asks.

"What story?" El asks

"Never mind them." I say whilst going outside and closing the door.

"We were wondering if you had your fake ID with you." Perrie say.

"Yeah. Do you?" Dani asks.

"OMC. I just got rid of it today." I say

"Really?" they say at the same time." 

"No. Not really. Of course i still have it!!!" i yell.

"Can you come with us to a club??" El asks

"Will I be able to drink?" i ask

"Yes." she says

"Then lets go. After I change so I don't look like Louis." I say

"Wear something sexy so you look older." El says

"Kk." i say and go inside.

I go to my room and find my strapless silver dress that fits me really tight. I change into it and grab some money and stuff it in my bra. I grab my phone and put that in my bra too. I look in the mirror and fix it so nobody notices. I put on some heels and start walking to the door.

"Where do you think your going?" Zayn asks me but i ignore him.

"When did you get that tattoo??" Liam asks me and i ignore him too.

I go open the door and run down the stairs and meet up with the girls. 

"Lets go now." I say and we all get in the car quickly and El starts driving.


Hey my little turtles. Sorry i haven't updated in a while, I haven't had my computer for a while and my tablet was being a bitch. Right now I'm at a party i didn't want to go to and I'm using the computer here. I had to cut this chapter short cause i have a headache and i'm angry at a friend of mine. He made me angry yesterday and I cant wait to hear his apology. Anyways i'm gonna go now and see if its cake time... hopefully i dont wake up the babies that are in here. BWYEEEE!!!!!!!! 

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