Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


1. Chapter 1

Hey guys. So I decided to write this story while I'm on break for the other (I know. It doesn't make any sense) because the thoughts and ideas just won't leave my head. So here's my new story.


"WE'RE WHAT?!" I yell at my mom in disbelief.







"Not 'we'. You. Your moving." she tells me.

"WHAT?!?!?! WHERE TO?!" I ask her.

"With your brother." she says


"It's for your own good. You'll be happier with him. And he has some really cute friends." she says. Yeah right. As if that's gonna work.

"I'm fine here." i tell her.

"No. You're not. It's already been decided and you're going to move in with him." she tells me.

"But what about the tour coming up this year?" i ask, hoping that she won't make me move.

"You're going with him." she says .

I lose my temper, yet once again, and go up to my room. You guys might be wondering who I am, right? Well, hi. I'm Kalli Malik. Yes, I am Zayn Malik's little sister. His 4th sister. You may have not heard of me because everyone in my family is ashamed of me. It all started when I was ten. 


"Can I.....Excuse me.......I need.......Hello?!" i try to get somebody's attention, but nobody is listening to me.

I run to my room and pack a bag full of clothes and money. I go back down stairs and go out the front door. We're having a party and nobody's listening to me. I walk for a while and I find myself in a park. I sit down on a bench, close my eyes, and count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10. I take a deep breath and the tears go back. I open my eyes and there's someone in front of me. "Hi. I'm Daniel. What's your name?" he says.

"I'm Kalli." i tell him.

"Why are you out here all alone?" he asks.

"Nobody wanted to listen to me, so I ran away. I know I have to go back, but not for a while." i tell him.

"I have a secret. Can I trust you with it?" he asks.

"Sure. You can trust me with anything." i tell him.

"I'm in a gang." he whispers.

"Really?" he nods. "Cool. I wonder what it's like?" i say.

"You can join if you want. We barely have any people there and we're always looking out for anyone that wants to join." he says.

"Sure. I would love to join." i tell him.

"What about your parents. Do you live with them?" he asks.

"Yeah. But they don't pay much attention to me. Neither do any of my siblings. I'm the youngest and nobody cares." i tell him.

"Well then. Come on." he say holding out his hand for me.

I take it and grab my bag. We walk to an abandoned warehouse that's been obviously turned into a club. We walk in and he takes me to the top floor. I meet some people. Sign some papers. And now I'm in.


That was 6 years ago. I'm still in today. I work as a dealer. I have fun with it. When i was 14 my brother became famous and since i looked a lot like him i died my hair brown and put in red highlights. When i got home, nobody noticed the change. They never noticed. Once, my brother brought the boys over. I just left before they came. No one noticed. You see? All my life I've been invisible. I used to be fragile and week. Not no more. Once I joined the gang, I felt more powerful and confident. I bought new clothes and made a new reputation for myself. In elementary I was known as the loner. Never had friends. In middle school i was known as the weird girl. Nobody liked me. Now, in high school I'm known as the rebel. Nobody messes with me. Nobody bothers me. I don't do homework. Don't so class work. I don't do anything in school. Yet, I'm able to keep an A+ average in every class. How? I'm smart. Nobody believes me and i don't give a damn. I grab pack some clothes and some money and go back down stairs. "Where do you think you're going, young lady?" my mom asks me.

"Since when do you care about what i do?" i ask rudely.

"Since I found out you've been drinking." she says sternly.

"So that's why you're sending me away. To make me stop drinking. God you're so stupid." i say.

"Young lady. You will not tall to me like that. I am your mother and you will respect me." she says.

"You can't stop me from leaving." i tell her, walking towards the door.

"You're ground, until your brother comes to pick you up." she tells me.

I laugh. "As if grounding me would do anything." i say.

She grabs my ear and pulls my to my room. I don't wince at the pain. I don't do anything i just let her lead me. She sets me down on my bed and does the worst thing possible. She nails my window shut. She also flips the door knob so you can only lock it from the outside. She leaves my room and locks my door. It's dark in my room. Pitch black. i grab my phone from m pocket and call Daniel.

"Hey. I haven't seen you in a while. Don't you have a job tonight? Can i join in if you do?" he says.

"Hey. I'm on lock down which means i can't go. Mind doing it for me?" i ask.

"Yeah. Sure. No problem. But why are you on lock down?" he says.

"Mom caught me drinking. She's sending me away to live with me brother in London. So I'm on lock down till he gets here to pick me up." i tell him.

"When does your brother coming to pick you up?" he asks.

"In 3 hours. My mom nailed my window shut and locked me in my own room. Can't get out whatsoever." i say.

"That sucks. It's a good thing you can get out of the contract easily. I can tell 'em if you want." he says. 

"Yeah. Sure. Not like I'm going to see them anymore." i tell him.

"We're really gonna miss you.'' he says. "You're the best dealer we ever had. And i--" "Who are you talking to?" my mom interrupts him. 

"A friend of mine." i tell her.

She takes away my phone and she hangs up on Daniel. I'm about to protest but she cuts me off. "No more cell phone. You're brother's gonna buy you a new one." she tells me.

She walks out of my room and locks the door. I grab my IPod and I look in a mirror app that i have. I know what you're thinking. "You're just like you brother. Always looking at yourself to make sure you look perfect." Well I'm not. I'm looking at my hair. I need to redo my red highlights and that's exactly what I'm going to do now. I go to the bathroom and find the box for dying hair. I open it and take out the little brush. I fallow the instructions and wait. Once they're done my brother get here. I know it's him cause I know his footsteps anywhere. I iron my hair and wait for him to come. I start packing my things and when I finish he comes in.

"Hey." he says.   

"Hey." i tell him back.

"You ready?" he asks. 

"Yup." i say and put on my favorite hooding, pulling the hood up.

We go to his car and the other boys are there too. I roll eyes and put my thing in the back. I see someone walking towards me at the corner of my eye. I look at the person and see Daniel. I start walking towards him but my brother decides to be an ass, and pulls me inside the car. I wear glasses, so since I'm wearing my sunglasses i can't see anything. I only see blurs. But i know who Daniel is if he was i a huge crowd and i didn't have my glasses with me. 

"Why'd you do that for?" i ask him angrily.

"He looked dangerous." he says starting the car and driving off.

I look back, through the back window and i wave bye to Daniel. "Since when are you so protective of me?" i ask him turn back to face him.

"Since you were born. And put on your seat belt." he says.

"No. I will not put on my seat belt." i say.

"Why do you have to be so difficult?" he asks.

"Cause I am. Deal with it." i tell him.

"Now Kalli, be nice to your brother. He's just trying to protect you." Liam says.

'If only he did that a long time ago.' i mumble.

"What you'd say?" he asks.

"Fine. I'll try to behave." i lie.

"You better." he says.

I fall asleep in the car. My head on Niall's shoulder. I don't dream of anything. When i wake up, I know we're at my brother's loft that he shares with the other boys. It's night time and they're all very tired. I go grab my stuff, when Harry takes them for me. I smile at him and he smiles back.

"You should take your glasses off." Louis suggest.

I thought about it for a second before replying with "Later. I don't wanna take 'em off now." 

"OK." he says.

"I'm hungry." me and Niall complain at the same time.

"Can you two wait a minute?" Zayn asks.

"Nope." we both say.

"Well then you're gonna have to." he says.

He tries to open the door but it won't unlock. All of the boys try their keys and it doesn't work. The lock is jammed. I roll my eyes and tell them to move over. The all look at me puzzled, but do as i say. I grab a nail file out of my purse and i hear someone say 'this is not the right time to do your nails' I grab a paper clip from my pocket and work my magic. I pick the lock and the door opens. I go in first and head for the kitchen. I make myself something to eat and i go out to the balcony that they have. I look down and i see a shadowy figure move. I don't think anything about it and i keep eating. I go back inside and I take off my sunglasses.

"You have really pretty eyes." Niall says, standing in front of me.

"Thanks. I like your eyes too." i tell him sarcastically.

"Thank you." he says sarcastically too.

I roll my eyes at him and walk over to the couch. I take off the hood and I hear a gasp from behind me. I look back and see my brother looking really shocked.

"When did you dye your hair?" he asks.

"2 years ago. You came home one night and saw my hair just like this. You never said anything." i tell him.

"Cause i didn't see you. You were at a friends house." he says.

"Pft. That's what you think. I was there. The while entire time. You just never paid any attention to me. You never paid any attention to me. Nobody did." i say, the last part a whisper.

"I did pay attention to you. You never happened to be there when i visited." he says.

"After the 4th time you visited and i was there and you didn't pay attention to me, i started going over to a friends house. Nobody missed me at all." i tell him.

He's about to tell me something but i cut him off. "Look. That's all behind me now. I wanna go to sleep so i can wake up to a new day." i say.

"You can sleep with Niall." Louis says.

I try to hind the disappointment from my voice. "Why him?' i ask with no emotion.

"Cause I'm bunking with Harry. Aww Larry Stylinson. And Liam and Zayn are sharing a room. So that leaves Niall." he says.

"Fine. Whatever." i say,

"Do you always have to be such a bitch?" Niall asks me.

"Yes. Actually i do. It's my job." i say.

I grab some pj's and i go to the bathroom. I get changed and ask which one is Niall's room. Liam tells me where it is and i go in. He's already there. I lay down with my back to him and he says "Night." 

"Night." i reply.

We both fall asleep and he ends up putting his arms around me while we sleep.


OK, so I know the first chapter isn't that good.....but y'all know what my first chapter was for my first yeah. It's gonna get more mysterious as I keep writing. Hope y'all like it!!!!! And I might need some ideas from y'all, so PLEASE give me some.

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