He's the one

This is a story about a girl named Cammy and her best friend named Megan meeting One Direction<3 Cammy and Megan go to a party that they were recently invited to by one of their close friends, Danielle. The two of the girls have no clue what is going on when Danielle's secret surprise comes out, One Direction! She then announces her relationship with Liam. But, that is not all...Read my book and find out the rest!:)


26. Years Have Passed


It's been a year now that Megan had passed away in that hospital. Harry had stayed at her grave for at least 4-5 hours everyday for 9 months straight. He had barely got any sleep. Cammy on the other hand wouldn't leave the house for a few months. Niall stayed home with Cammy as much as he could, and when he couldn't he made sure one of the other boys were there. Liam had been crying for a while now about everything that had happened. Danielle and him haven't talked for a year, and their tour had been canceled, since Harry wouldn't carry on. Louis has been trying to help everyone, as well and Zayn. Everything was just a wreck.


Another year passed by, and Cammy had gotten much better. Niall and her got engaged, and also Zayn and Perrie were having a baby. Liam and Danielle still don't talk, but they have moved on. Liam has also moved on from Cammy, because he wanted her to be happy with Niall. Louis had finally met a girl of his dreams as well, Kylee. Everyone was finally becoming happy, all except for Harry. Harry had stopped coming to Megan's grave everyday, but he still visited her 3 times a week. The boys had tried to set up dates for Harry, but he refused.


3 years ago. Zayn and Perrie had a boy and they named him Zack. Liam and Danielle had ran into each other at a restaurant so they started to talk again. The band continued to carry on this far, and fans have stopped most of the hate. Cammy and Niall were now married, and with a child on the way. Harry has finally made himself move on from Megan, and unto a new girl named Abbie. They have been dating for a few months now, and he still talks about Megan a lot, but he's happy. Abbie always goes with him whenever he visits Megan. Louis and Kylee were now in a serious relationship.



                                                       Megan's P.O.V

I watched over Harry as he learned to move on. He looked so happy with Abbie, and I was so happy for him. After I had died I became this angel thing, and now I get to be with him forever still. I know I won't ever be able to really hug him or kiss him until he comes up here with me, and maybes that's when I'll be actually forever with him. I watched over Cammy just as much as I did with Harry, and I learned how to get their attention, and there were ways that I could talk to them. I could get into their minds and talk to them, as long as they didn't push me out of their thoughts. I had met other angels as myself, and I had seen my family up here too. I saw my uncle Daniel as I went to watch my grandma, and I ran into him. I then found my dog whenever I watched my sister, and so on.


                                                    Cammy's P.O.V

I woke up with this horrible pain in my stomach. I ran into the bathroom and vomited.


"Niall!" I screamed as loud as I could as my head was over the toilet.


Niall ran into the room shocked.


"Are you okay? What happened?" He asked in panic.


"I think were having a baby. A baby! A baby!" I repeated. I smiled at the thought.


If Megan could see this moment right now, she would be so freaked out. She's still my best friend, and that won't ever change. I cleaned my face and brushed my teeth, and then ran up to Niall to give him a hug and a kiss. He rubbed my belly.


"I love you," He said.


"I love you more," I smiled at my thought, He's The One.



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