He's the one

This is a story about a girl named Cammy and her best friend named Megan meeting One Direction<3 Cammy and Megan go to a party that they were recently invited to by one of their close friends, Danielle. The two of the girls have no clue what is going on when Danielle's secret surprise comes out, One Direction! She then announces her relationship with Liam. But, that is not all...Read my book and find out the rest!:)


1. The Invitation

Danielle's P.O.V.

I can't wait until my sixteenth birthday! I have been planning this for forever! Everyone told me that it would be too expensive and that I could never pull it off, but I did it, I got One Direction to play at my party! I also have one other surprise that no one knows about besides this "Special Someone." I still need to invite a few people before my party, though. This party would be like nothing without them! I picked up my keys and headed towards the front door of my apartment. 

**Ding dong**

Cammy opened the door and smiled big.

"Who is that!?" Megan yelled from Cammy's bedroom.

"It's Danielle!" Cammy yelled back at her while going in for a hug.

"Hey! I haven't seen you in forever, how have you been?" I said hugging her back.

"Great! I just heard about your party!" Cammy told me.

"Yeah. That is actually the reason that I am here." I said while laughing.

"Oh cool." She said.

"What is Megan doing?" I asked her.

"Oh, her. She is doing the regular, trying to find the cutest outfit before we head out. We were planning on going shopping today, but if she doesn't HURRY UP, we will never get out of here!" She told me while signalling Megan to come on.

"Shut up!"Megan screamed.

"Well. I am going to wait for her to tell the news because I know how you are. You never tell her anything. And, I would feel the best to tell her myself." I said to Cammy with a wink.

"Okay." She replied.

Cammy's P.O.V.

I really hope Danielle is going to invite me to her party. I haven't seen her in a long time and I really want to spend the day of her sixteenth birthday with her. Yes, I love Megan, but I always see her and I never see Danielle anymore. I have a feeling Danielle is going to invite me, but I'm not for sure.

"Megan! Hurry up!" I yelled into the hallway leading to my room.

"Okay! I'm coming!" She screamed back.

"Finally! Now, Danielle what is the news?" I said with an excited smile.

Megan walked out with her hair straitened and she was wearing a light blue dress with flats. She was always trying to impress guys at the mall and restaurants.

"You look pretty Megan!" Me and Danielle both said to her.

"Thanks. I just got this dress and I wanted to try it out!" She told us while her cheeks were reddening. 

"Now! What is the big news!?" I said almost jumping with no patience.

"Okay! ....You know that my party is coming up right?" Danielle said with a big smile.


Me and Megan nodded.

"Well, Here are your invitations!" Danielle reached into her purse and pulled out two hot pink cards and handed them to us.

I jumped up and yelped.

"AHHHHHH! I have been waiting for this!" I screamed at Danielle.

"Hahaha." She chuckled.

Megan just sat there. Puzzled, Confused, surprised, and shocked. She didn't even move, she just sat and stared at the invitation.

"Your inviting me to your sixteenth birthday party?" Megan asked still with that puzzled look on her face. 

"Yes?" Danielle said with a worried facial expression.

"I thought you didn't like me?"

"Well, why the heck would you think that?" Danielle asked.

"I don't know. I always thought that you were trying to steal Cammy away from me and thought that I was a total loser?"

"No? I would never do that and never think that! I think your an amazing person! and your definitely fun to hang out with! That is why I am inviting you to my party..and because any friend of Cammy's is a friend of mine!"

Megan finally looked up from the invitation and smiled.


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