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This is a story about a girl named Cammy and her best friend named Megan meeting One Direction<3 Cammy and Megan go to a party that they were recently invited to by one of their close friends, Danielle. The two of the girls have no clue what is going on when Danielle's secret surprise comes out, One Direction! She then announces her relationship with Liam. But, that is not all...Read my book and find out the rest!:)


12. It's beautiful!

Cammy's P.O.V.

I wiped the last tear off of my cheek and looked at the paper Danielle gave me. I sat there and stared at it for a while. What is this? I know that it's a phone number, but whose? I thought for a minute then realized whose it was. We were talking about Niall and him asking her for my number so maybe this is Niall's? Let's figure out.

I hit new message and started typing something.

New Message~ Hey...Is this Niall??

I sent the message and waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally my phone rang. He is calling me! Not texting me back. Calling me! I answered it and took a deep breath.

"Hello?" I said nervously.

"Hello??" He said back sounding just as nervous.

"Is this Niall?" I asked him.

"Yes.. Is this Cammy?" He asked back.

"Yeah." I answered him.

"Phew. Great! I didn't want to answer and it be the wrong person! I would feel stupid!" He told me in relief.

"Haha. Me too!" I agreed with him.

"Haha. Yeah...So... I was thinking." He told me.

"Thinking about what?" I asked him.

"Uhm...well...I like you..a little and I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me sometime?" He asked bashfully.

"Really? You like me. I like you too." I answered so happily.

"Soo............" He said.

"Oh! Yes, yes, yes! A million times yes!" I replied.

"Really!? Yes!" He yelled through the phone.

"Hahaha..Wait. Where and what time?" I asked.

"Uhmm..... I will pick you up around seven?" He answered me.

"And what about the place?" I asked him excited.

"It's a surprise!" He told me.

"Oh okay. I love surprises!" I said to him. 

"Okay good. well ....I got to go. I will pick you up...later?" He proclaimed.

"Okay. Yeah. I will see you later Niall!" I said back to him.

We hung up and I screamed so loud! What just happened? Niall Horan from One Direction just asked me out on a date! I can't wait until Seven o` clock! 

***3 Hours later***

Niall's P.O.V.

It's already Six thirty? I better hurry! I slipped on a polo shirt and some nice khakis. I grabbed a small blanket and a basket with food in it then ran out the front door of our modern beach house. Oh no, she is going to think that I am standing her up! Wait! Where does she live? I will just call her and tell her that I will be a little late and while on the phone with her I will figure out where she lives.

*Ring ring*

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hey!" I said back in a hurry.

"Where are you?" She asked me.

"Sorry! I left the house a little late. I will be there soon!" I told her.

"Okay! I will see you soon!" She replied back.

"Wait. One more thing!" I yelled through the phone trying to catch her attention.

"Yes?" She said.

"Where do you live?" I asked laughing.

"Hahaha. Uhm.. Do you know Sacramento Estates?" She answered back with a question.

"Yes?" I answered her.

"Well I live in that neighborhood on Parkview Dr. House number 1422!" She answered back.

"Okay. I will see you soon Cammy!" I told her.

"Okay. You too!" She said to me.

We hanged up our phones and I found her house. I parallel parked in front of her house then took a deep breathe. Okay, Let's do this! I opened my car door slowly and walked up to her front door.

*Knock Knock Knock*

She came rushing in a light purple dress with black high heels on. I liked the kind of dress she was wearing. Short in the front, long in the back. She opened the door and smiled wide showing me her straight, white teeth. I was speechless!

I stood there dead silent.

"Hey! Looks like you found my house easily." She said glaring into my eyes.

"Y..Y..Yeah. I did." I replied studdering.

"Haha." She laughed.

"Are..You .....R..Ready?" I asked still studdery. 

"Yeah. Let's go!" She said.

I stuck out my arm like a gentleman and looked at her. 

"Madam." I said.

"Haha!" She smiled.

She stuck her arm through the loop of my arm and we walked to the car. I walked over to my side of the car and stopped. I jogged to her side of the car and grabbed the door handle.

"Thank you." She thanked me.

"Your welcome." I said blushing.

I shut the door shortly after and walked back over to my side of the car. I plopped into my seat and looked at her. She smiled. Then I turned back to the road and started to drive.

Cammy's P.O.V.

Niall was taking me into the middle of nowhere. Surely, he is taking me somewhere romantic, but all I see right now are broken down factories and ran down motels. He took a right onto a gravel road.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked curious.

"Oh you'll see. You are going to love it!" He told me smiling.

"Okay...." I said wondering.

He stopped and turned the key to where the car wasn't making any sound. He opened his door and walked over to mine and pulled my door open.

"C`Mon!" He said smiling still.

"Uhmmm.........Okay." I said grabbing his hand.

We walked for what felt like ages, but was probably only about ten minutes. We took a final left and ended up in a big open area with a beautiful waterfall splashing water into a wide river. Me jaw dropped.

"Oh my gosh Niall!" I said staring into his beautiful Ocean Blue eyes.

"You like it?" He asked me with hope.

"Yes! It's beautiful!" I told him.

Good! Just like you!" He said to me winking.

"Haha. Thanks." I said back.

"Your welcome. I'm going to lay out the blanket now." He told me.

"Okay." I added.

"Come here." He demanded.

"Okay" I said again walking over to him.

He placed me behind a tree and told me to stay there. 

Niall's P.O.V.

I'm so glad she likes this. I rushed over to a beautiful plant covered in blue flowers. I grabbed a few and laid them next to the bush. I spread out the blanket and sat the basket on top of it. I grabbed the flowers again and walked over to her.

"Here you go me lady." I said to her pushing the flowers into her hand.

"I love these flowers! They are my favorite! How did you know?" She asked me with joy in her voice.

"I don't know. Instinct I guess?" I told her as I slipped one behind her ear.

She smiled and walked over to the large spread out blanket and sat down.

"Do you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?"  I asked her.

"Yes! They are my favorite sandwiches!" She told me.

Man I'm getting everything right on this date! First flowers. Then the sandwiches. What more could I do to make this the perfect date?

I laughed and handed her a nicely cut peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I cut them into the shape of hearts so that she will know how much I like her.

"Hearts? Man, you are really trying hard aren't you?" She asked me laughing.

"Haha yeah. I like you..A lot and I wanted to show you that on this date." I told her.

"Awwh, well so far.. This is the best date I have ever had." She said to me.

I sighed in relief and took a bite of my sandwich. This is her best date ever? .......Yes!



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