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This is a story about a girl named Cammy and her best friend named Megan meeting One Direction<3 Cammy and Megan go to a party that they were recently invited to by one of their close friends, Danielle. The two of the girls have no clue what is going on when Danielle's secret surprise comes out, One Direction! She then announces her relationship with Liam. But, that is not all...Read my book and find out the rest!:)


6. A Terrible Accident.


Louis's P.O.V.

I can't believe that we have to make a whole new cake for Danielle. We can't make a cake by ourselves! It takes a real chef to make the best birthday cake for a sixteenth birthday party. Adding on to that, I'm not a very good chef.

"How are we supposed to make this thing?" Zayn asked us.

"Uhm...I don't know, do you two?" Niall asked.

"I don't know either?" I told the three of them.

"You guys seriously don't know how to make a cake?" Harry asked.

"NO?" We all came back at Harry.

"Wow you guys are so stupid." Harry said chuckling.

"What do you know about making cakes?" Niall asked with a wandering voice.

"A lot actually." Harry replied bragging.

"Mmhmm whatever!" I added.

"I know enough to do this." Harry said as he stuck his hand in a bowl of flour and threw a handful of it at the three of us.

"Ahh!" We all shouted.

Without thinking I stuck my hand in the frosting and slapped it onto Harry's head.

"What did you do that for!" Harry said yelling.

"You butt! You threw flour at us!" Niall screamed back.

"Oh yeah! Haha! That reminds me!" Harry grabbed some cake batter and splattered it onto Zayn's shirt.

"Dude!" Zayn shouted.

Us three started to laugh crazily.

"What are you three laughing at!?" Zayn asked madly.

He picked up a spoon and threatened to stab us with it.

"You have a spoon, you do know that right?" I asked him.

"Uhm, yeah! I knew that!" Zayn glared at them.

"Uh huh, sure." Harry commented.

"Shut up!" Zayn screamed as he went in for a stab at Harry's stomach.

"Ah! Rape!" Harry screeched as he ran and hid behind the counter.

"You goof!" I said.

"Would you like to have a stab?" Zayn said with a foolish voice.

"What no! Are you crazy! I don't want to get raped too!" I squealed as I jumped onto Harry.

We all laughed and finished making the cake.

Megan's P.O.V

I got so tired of sitting and waiting and thinking that I just decided to rush over to Danielle's to see if she had stopped there. I kind of started to get a bit worried. I was driving a little too fast and the car in front of me came to a stop at a red light and........ Blank......... Then everything was black. Pitch black. No dream. No color. Just black. And the black just went on and on and on. Then there was a light. A bright light. Then noise. A voice. A man's voice I assume. It seems that I can only hear. The only thing I can see is the light. That bright light that just instantly disappeared into the back of my mind. What is going on?


Suddenly I had woken up from a deep sleep to the noise of hospital equipment.

"Hello." An unfamiliar voice from the door said.

The glare of the light in the hallway behind him made it weary to see the details of his face.

"Who are you? and where am I?" I asked curiously and scared.

"I am Dr. Gyadd and you are in the hospital" He replied

"Why what happened to me?" I asked still curious.

"You got in a bad car wreck and you were severely injured on the head, but the injury is not bad enough for you to have short or long-term memory loss. You just don't remember what happened to you." He answered back.

"Oh, do my parents know?" I asked.

"Yes, they are on their way, they will just be a little late." He replied to me.

"What about Cammy? Did you tell her? She has to be here? Wait! What is today?" I shouted.

"Shh! You will wake the other patients and who?" He asked me.

"Cammy, my best friend and what is today!?" I asked anxiously.

"Uhm, No, we did not contact this girl you are talking about, Cammy, but today is June the 10th. Why?" Dr, Gyadd said.

"Oh my gosh. Danielle's birthday is today! I have to get out of here! Where is my cell phone? I need to call Cammy right away and have her come pick me up!" I yelled.

"Will you please be quiet? and No, you can't leave we are still running some tests. I'm sorry, but you are going to have to miss this party of yours and you are not allowed to have your cell phone yet. It will just make you more confused to be calling people and texting them." He told me. 

"No! I need out of here now!" I said turning the door handle.

"Stay in here!" He demanded.

I ran out of the hospital room and found the nearest door that said exit on it. I started to push on the right door, then couple of people came bursting through the other door. I heard familiar voices so I turned. It was my mom and dad! I yelled for them and ran towards them.


"What are you doing out of the room?"My mom asked me.

"I want to leave!I'm going to miss Danielle's party!" I screamed and pointed toward the exit sign.

"I'm sorry but you cant,you need rest."My mom glanced at me with an upset voice.

"Mom I'm..."It became dark inside again and I felt nothing but darkness overcome me.


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