Is it really him ?!?!

when Stella's walking down the boardwalk she meets one of her old friends from her childhood will he recognize her ?!?!


11. where is she ?!?!?

Zayn's P.O.V

Its been 3 days since Stella'a gone missing after our date that night. I tried calling her but it keeps going on voice mail. I searched almost everywhere and also put flyers around places but no one seen her since that date. Will I ever find her?.


Stella's P.O.V

I  finally woke up after what happened. I miss zayn and how we always tell each other stuff and snuggle and filrt. I want to get out of this place now.


Zayn's P.O.V

Me and the lads were driving and Harry spotted an creepy little house in the center of the woods. so we decided to go there. There was no car so we parked and all of us got out and knocked on the door we got no answer then out of nowhere this girl opened the door and yelled ''Zayn omg what are you doing here''. I had no idea who that girl was and she knew me wow creepy anyway I told her that my girlfriend Stella was missing and if you know where she is. She have a nasty look when I said girlfriend and Stella. She said no and I asked if we can come in she said sure but give her one second and she was back and we were in and I hope we find Stella on here.


Emily's P.O.V

I can't believe Zayn my number one crush came to my house but he only came to see if Stella was there I said no and then he asked to come inside and I said hold on a sec. I ran upstairs to where I out Stella she was asleep and I woke her up telling her that her boyfriend was here and that she is never gonna see him. When I said that her eyes got all big and she yelled omg really can I see him and I yelled hell no he's mine not yours. after that I threw a chair at her face and left with out closing the door so she can hear what me and zayn are talking about.


Harry's P.O.V

When we knocked she yelled zayn and only zayn guess she wasn't so exited about us coming but anyway she came back and we all went in I told zayn that I will be upstairs serching for stella so I went upstairs with out that girl knowing and I saw a room door open I went inside and saw blankets covering something I went forward and took off the all the blankets and saw stella she was covered in blood and had a black eye and seemed like she was jumped. I hurried and took out my phone and texted zayn that I found her and that call the police and the ambulance I didn't want to go outside and yell or else she would now that I found her. 


Zayn's P.O.V

I was talking to the girl and then I got a text from harry saying Stella was upstairs and was hurt I was so happy I finally found her but I was mad at the girl who I was talking to I told her I had to get something from my car so I went outside and called 911 and they came ASAP and the girl left in the police car and I saw Stella driven in a ambulance. I was crying and harry came and said ''its ok lad shell be better and I thanked harry for finding her after that me and harry went to the hospital and Niall,Liam,Louis they all got in the car and drove to the hospital.



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