Is it really him ?!?!

when Stella's walking down the boardwalk she meets one of her old friends from her childhood will he recognize her ?!?!


2. unpacking

  Finally I was done packing

''Mom am done packing,'' Ok then go outside and introduce yourself,'' ugh I hat when my mom does that i hate making friends ever since Zayn left i never really talked to anyone. I agreed with my mom because i don't wanna be the new girl who sit's at lunch looking like a loner.

I grabbed my uggs and left

Zayn's P.O.V

I was so mad at Harry for messing up my hair it took hours to do. I  went outside not knowing where I  was going I just kept on walking untill I bumped into someone oh no not my hair again.

''umm how rude of you bumping into someone and worrying about your hair.

''Excuse you my hair takes an hour to do in the morning,''


"Stella'' I asked confusingly 

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