Is it really him ?!?!

when Stella's walking down the boardwalk she meets one of her old friends from her childhood will he recognize her ?!?!


7. Now what

Stell's P.O.V

''After I saw Zayn leave I got a text form him saying ' Hey babe I forgot to lock my door and my parents went on vacation so if you wanna stay there then you could love you, miss you, i'll call when i get there'' I read the message and I replied saying ''I would and miss you too , and love you, and ok''. After that I put my phone in my pocket I drove off. I came to Zayn's house and parked my car and went inside I was about to lock the door and leave but then I heard some noises I thought his family left so when I went in and checked the house beside Zayn's room there was nothing I was walking upstairs and heard somethings in Zayn's room I opened the door slowly and saw this girl laying in his bed. I then yelled '' WHO THE HELL ARE YOU'' She looked at me and I covered my mouth because I didn't want her to know I was in here and I didn't know if she had a weapon or not.

Emily's P.O.V

I heard that Zayn was leaving and I had the biggest crush on him since I meet him but I knew he will never like me back. I saw his car leave and a girl with him leaving for the airport. When they left I noticed Zayn forgot to lock his door so when they left I went inside and ran in his room and layed in this bed until I heard the door open and her footsteps coming upstairs to Zayn's house and I had no where to go so I stayed in the bed pretending to sleep. I heard the door open and someone yell '' WHO THE HELL ARE YOU'' I jumped out of his bed and said '' I'm Zayn's biggest crush''and when I saw her face I knew she was the girl who was leaving with Zayn . She said Well am his girlfriend so leave now'' after that I left but watch she'll pay for stealing my Zayn.

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