Is it really him ?!?!

when Stella's walking down the boardwalk she meets one of her old friends from her childhood will he recognize her ?!?!


12. Hospital

Harry P.O.V

Me and Zayn and Niall went to the hospital and Liam and Louis followed us. We were following the ambulance and the police let us go on red lights. We finally arrived and we all had to wait in the waiting room for about 5 minutes.


*** 5 minutes later ***

The doctor came out and said that she might not be able to survive because she got brain bleeding and it won't stop and its 50% chance she will make it. Zayn ran to the bathroom and stared crying his eyes out. Liam told harry to go follow him and he did.

Zayn's P.O.V

When the doctor said she might not be able to make it I ran to the bathroom and stared crying since we just found her and know I might lose her. I stared talking to my self and then Harry walked him and said '' I know mate that we just found her and she wont make it out please dont cry it will make her get worry. she's resting right know and there are doctors all around her and there gonna keep an eye on her untill something happens know me and the lads are going home because we have to go and get some rest and Stella does too so are you staying or leaving''.  I told Harry that I was leaving and so the lads and I left and were gonna come in the morning. When we got home I layed in my bed and took a picture of Stella and held it close to my heart and I whispered stay strong babe and said love you and fell asleep.

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