Is it really him ?!?!

when Stella's walking down the boardwalk she meets one of her old friends from her childhood will he recognize her ?!?!


5. Chilling at Zayn's (Hearing the News!!)

Stella's P.O.V

''After Zayn asked me out we went downstairs for dinner. We told his parents the news and they were happy for us and knew one day we will get together. After we all finished eating I helped Zayn's mom do the dishes when we were done doing the dishes Zayn told me to come to his room so I went. When I opened the door Zayn started taking to me and what he said made me upset,mad and i couldn't believe what he just told me''.


Zayn's P.O.V

''When I heard Stella's footsteps I got really nervous. I couldn't believe what I was about to say. When I told her that I was auditioning for the X-factor she started crying I thought she would be happy for me and wouldn't mind me going but I guess I was wrong. She started bursting in tears and wouldn't shut up. Finally when she was done crying her eyes out I told her that I would leave in 1 week and I had  4 more days until I left and from that day I told her she comes to my house everyday and we always will hang out and go to places beside  she was my girl friend. I couldn't believe what I just done and I couldn't believe what made me do it but i know it was for a good reason''.

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