Same mistakes

Hello,this story is about a girl named Briton Mayfield she is 5'5,has long curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
-the story-
Briton dated a member if one direction in high school and everything was perfect until he cheated on her and left for the British X-factor. So what will happen when her best wins her tickets for her birthday, will she fall again or date a different band mate?

Read to find out!!!!


6. why are you here

Briton's POV 



i dont understand why hes here hes just so fucking perfect with his emerald eyes, perfect brown curls and his BODY omg dont even get me started..... BRITON!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HATE HIM!!!!! i know but hes just soo UGH!!!!!!!!!


OMG im going crazy i am having coversations with myself.....


i was brought out of my thoughts by abrupt yelling in the room


"why the hell did you come here," hailey yelled at harry " cant you see how much you've hurt her?!" 


"oh really well her parents said that she still loves me and thats why they sent me here!" harry yelled back 


"OH MY GOD SHUT UP!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE!!!" I screamed  they both looked at me with worried expressions. i just rolled my eyes at harry and motioned for hailey to come to me...



Hailey's POV



Brit called me over to her and then began whispering in my ear  


" ask him why hes here... and why he came and ask him if he still loves me or if that was a lie like our relationship...." 


*dead silence*


i walk over to harry bringing him out of the room to ask him the questions that briton told me to ask him.



" i came to see her" he said motioning over to briton 


"why?" i asked 


" i love her ." he said simply 

okay well that was easy.


*i walked back into her room *



Harry's POV 




i was called by HER  parents i dont see why i get yelled at. this is complete and utter bullshit. i know that briton was there when i was performing i just didnt understand why. i admit i do still love her, her dimples, curly brown hair ,loving hazel eyes, and not to sound rude but, her curves and bum. i love every piece of her she is perfect and has the most adorable bubbly yet serious personality. yet she hates me... i mean i guess i could understand considering i cheated on her but that was 1 1/2 years ago that is a long time. but i guess she didnt forget.  I LOVE HER, so much it hurts. 


i dont know why she attempted suicide shes too good for that.




A/N i will try and update everyday 

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