Same mistakes

Hello,this story is about a girl named Briton Mayfield she is 5'5,has long curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
-the story-
Briton dated a member if one direction in high school and everything was perfect until he cheated on her and left for the British X-factor. So what will happen when her best wins her tickets for her birthday, will she fall again or date a different band mate?

Read to find out!!!!


4. the day

     Harry's POV 

*1 1/2 years later* 


today is the day... the most important day of my life. 


if you would like to know today is the day i am auditioning for the X-Factor (uk)!!!!

briton is still ignoring me. :( i still love her, i have literally no idea what i was doing with that slut angel. she is such a bitch and shes so fake! brit is real and has a bubbly, cute, funny, adorkable personallity and i wish that i would have had a different mind set then. i miss her but i guess letting go is the best thing right? 


"Harry Styles?" a man in black called. 


"yes?" i answered.


" please follow me to the stage, Mr. Styles" he said starting to walk towards the stage. 


well that brought me out of my trance. i just need to remember stay cool and remember the lyrics.


* he sings isnt she lovely- stevie wonder and the judges well judge his talent *



OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe i made it ! i bet SHE would be really prod-- oh wait.... she doesnt care about you she hates you for cheating and being an asshole to you. well then i guess i will just tell my mum then.. she will most definatelly be proud of me


Briton's POV 


*same time as harry's* 


i watched him sing.... he had such a great.................... well everything... except his flirtatious personality. thats probably why he cheated on me because i dont like how he flirts.... UGH you need to stop thinking so much about him! get over him already!!!! youre so stupid to still like.... no love him. 


and with this thought in my head i ran and ran until i got home. and behind my closed door i broke down crying and crying for hours.. when i felt strong enough i got out my box of  razors and sharp objects that i have had for years. the first few cuts looked like scratches and then as i got used to it more they got deeper and wider as it progressed mor ei noticed that i felt a little woozy and  dizzy, i looked down to see a huge pool of blood. 


and then it all went black..........

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