Same mistakes

Hello,this story is about a girl named Briton Mayfield she is 5'5,has long curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
-the story-
Briton dated a member if one direction in high school and everything was perfect until he cheated on her and left for the British X-factor. So what will happen when her best wins her tickets for her birthday, will she fall again or date a different band mate?

Read to find out!!!!


7. mental hospital


Briton's POV 



at this point the doctor walked in and asked me to talk to a physciatrist 


i talked to this older man for 20 minutes and i guess it went bad................... im going to a physciatric hospital (mental hospital) 


*at mental hospital* 


omg i  was so sad dude the HOT ambulance GUYS were leaving me with these WEIRD LADIES.. they brought me into this room and asked me questions then got me some clothes to change into 


*15 minutes later* 


they had me talk to these coucilors and eat some food... i hadnt eaten in a while so it was a bit different. then they had me go to bed and then later i would be oved to a bigger facility. at about  1 am some people that work the morning shift came into my room and had me change into my clothes again.we walked down this cement pathway to this bigger building so i could go to sleep in a "more comfortable" bed yeah fucking right it looked like it was rock hard.... yep. 

*6 am* 


this asian guy was hollering my name so i finally decided that i would listen i got up and followed him to get my vitals checked and some blood work done. after about 30 minutes of paper work blood work and getting my vitals checked i was able to go to sleep again only to be woken again in three more hours. 


at 9 am the same asian guy woke me up for breakfast... i walk out and see these two guys that are really hot and really buff then at this round table 12 kids that are just sitting there waiting for breakfast. i get introduced and then we get our breakfast. 

the schedule was: 


school-9:30-10 am 

group- 10-11 am 


group-12-1 pm 



dinner-5:30-6:00 pm 


bedtime- 8pm


i was there for a week and when i got out i moved in with Hailey because my parents didnt want a suicidal daughter...



i havent heard from harry in a long time but i guess thats a good thing.





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