Same mistakes

Hello,this story is about a girl named Briton Mayfield she is 5'5,has long curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
-the story-
Briton dated a member if one direction in high school and everything was perfect until he cheated on her and left for the British X-factor. So what will happen when her best wins her tickets for her birthday, will she fall again or date a different band mate?

Read to find out!!!!


2. Leave me alone

Harry's POV

I was standing there at the usual spot, when that stupid bitch decided to come and make out with me. I was trying to pull away,but she wouldn't let me until Brit (Briton) was in tears.

"Brit wait up!" I hollered as she ran to her second period class,she left to first period before I could catch her. But lucky her I have second period with her.

"Why should I?!?!?!" She screamed dounding like she was still crying.

" because I love you and I never wanted to hurt you,I still don't." I said finally catching up I her. She faced me and I saw her puffy eyes.

"If you loved me you would have pushed away, or not have even made out with her at all!" She screamed in my face.

Briton's POV

I walked into second period and sat down. Lucky me, Harry has the same class and its science, so he sits next to me!

"Okay class,since its the last day I will give you time to mingle, but no yelling or getting to......intimate." Mr. Newton told us.

Harry tried talking to me but I didn't talk back or even look at him. Although I could still hear him. He was saying that he never wanted her,he only wanted me.

"I don't want to hear it!!!!" I screamed. Mr. Newton looked at me and Harry and pointed to the hall, which means to go to the office.

"Now we have to talk to each other at some point,don't we?" Harry half stated half asked.

" no not really," I said " I don't feel like talking to you"

"Just let me explain." Harry said

"Explain what?!," I sort of screamed " explain you cheating on me with some slut?! fucking thank you!" I yelled this time.
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