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Hello,this story is about a girl named Briton Mayfield she is 5'5,has long curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
-the story-
Briton dated a member if one direction in high school and everything was perfect until he cheated on her and left for the British X-factor. So what will happen when her best wins her tickets for her birthday, will she fall again or date a different band mate?

Read to find out!!!!


5. Hailey Kier

Hailey's POV


"HAI!" i hollered through the house, i had just entered my best friend briton's house. 


"shes in her room..." her parents said in unison...


"kk thanks" i said enthusiastically skipping up the stairs


i tried going in her room but it was locked... i banged on the door, but i knew what i had to do i ran to the wall and sprinted into the door causing it to fall dramtically off its hindges . there she was laying lifeless on her bedroom floor in a HUGE puddle of blood and about 7 seemingly deep gashes in both her wrists. at this point i was terrified,angry,and petrified.... so i screamed as loud as i could hopefully making her parents notice that i needed help. i ran over to her just as her parents ran into the room. her mum aitomatically fell to her knees sobbing and her father just stood there speechless most likely upset that his little girl didnt tell him she was hurting. after a few more seconds he ran downstairs and dialled 999 and got an ambulance coming to get her. but for now he comforted jis wife while i rocked my best friend in my lap. they came rushing in and carefully brought the gurnie down the stairs. they were only allowing one person to stay  with her and both her parents said that i should go because they didnt care anymore they dont want a suicidal daughter. i flipped them off just as they closed the back of the ambulance. we finally get there after 10 minutes of driving... THE LONGEST 10 MINUTES OF MY LIFE......anyway.... we got there and they did blood test and saw that she didnt take any meds and had just cut.. still terrible... they washed,stiched,and badaged her up and then left me to chnge her into her  gown so they could put the I.V in her arm. i finished after about 3 minutes. 


*2 hours later*


ive been here in her room waiting for her to wake up, the doctors said after about 2-3 hours she should be awake, but im scared she wont... i broke down crying again and this time someone came and gave me a hug i looked up to see the guy that made briton's life a living hell....... HARRY FUCKING STYLES........ im guessing her parents sent him here to "comfort" their daughter. yeah fucking right!!!!!  i pushed him away and yelled random ass shit  but hey at least it got him off of me. as if on que Briton woke up and smiled at me then looked at the other person and broke down into tears........




(A/N) hey guys as you can see i am updating this story now and im sorry i havent updated in like forever but i hope this chapter, the one before, and the ones coming next make up for it 

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