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This is a fan fiction based on a friendship one direction became famous. Based mostly on Liam, with a few side points of Louis.

First story, no hate please :P

If there is a couple of u's instead of you it's because I broke both mr arms and my friend typed the story on my iPod, she's a texter. It's taking lots of time to type this so...enjoy :D


4. You still smell the same. (weird chapter title I know, read and you'll understand)

~Liam's PoV~
She's so adorable when she sleeps, so peaceful, her face free of the pain and suffering she didn't deserve. I wish I'd asked her out when I could, but now I can't, I have a girlfriend... Wait no, I don't, we broke up, cause she's sick of my fans. I'm free! All of this was zooming in my he's while I stroked her hair and listened to music, eventually falling asleep.

Just before the plane landed we both woke up, in each others arms. I had fallen asleep looking at her and still was, straight in the eyes, and without thinking I did the same thing I did the day I met her, I kissed her, and she kissed me back, her younger begging for entrance to my mouth. Then there was a loud very abrupt cough from beside us and we looked up to see a rather annoyed looking air hostess giving Karli a glare and flirty eyes to me. "We have complaints from other passengers that this slut your kissing is making much too much noise." She huffed, clearly jealous.
" as a matter of fact, she is my girlfriend and if anyone is a slut, it's you, oh and can we please have two cokes?" I replied as smoothly as ever, handing her a ten dollar note.
The hostess huffed off before bringing us our change and cokes.
"Liam, did you mean it when you said girlfriend?" She said shyly and quietly.
"Yes, I did." I replied before continuing, " I should've done this the day I met you but still, will you go out with me Karli Johnston?" I said, hope ringing in my voice.
"Yes," Karli grinned hugging me and kissing me on the cheek, before attempting to snuggle me from her seat. Instead I pulled her over onto my lap, and she put her head into my chest, sighing.
"You still smell the same Liam, like a forest." She murmured before drifting back to sleep.

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