K? What's wrong?

This is a fan fiction based on a friendship one direction became famous. Based mostly on Liam, with a few side points of Louis.

First story, no hate please :P

If there is a couple of u's instead of you it's because I broke both mr arms and my friend typed the story on my iPod, she's a texter. It's taking lots of time to type this so...enjoy :D


2. What have I done?

As we walked into the cafeteria laughing and talking, everyone went silent then started whispering, pointing and giggling. Just then I saw jake at a table with his friends, giving me a weird look before waving me over to him. I grabbed Liam's arm, before telling him to come on, and dragged him over.

I hugged jake an kissed him on the cheek, a bunch of his friends wolf whistled before jake gave them a death stare.
"Liam, meet me brother, Jake, Jake meet Liam, he's in all of my classes, even hockey," I said happily patting the chair next to me for Liam to sit down in. Jake kept looking at me then Liam as we where talking, so when Liam went to talk to his friend, I whispered in James ear "He knows about what happened, I told him," and with that Jake stiffened and looked around, I got up and went to walk outside, but Liam called me over to his table, I looked at him with pleading eyes before looking at the door, and he nodded before resuming talking to the girl flirting with him as she clung to his arm, my stomach noted and felt like it weighed a tonne.

I walked out of the cafeteria looking at my feet I bumped into another person. My day is going so well. -note the sarcasm

I looked at the person I'd bumped into, a cheeky looking boy about the same height as Liam, expect with longer, darker, side-swept hair. "Oh my, i...I'm so sorry!" I said quickly not fully realising what happened. " I'm the one that should be sorry, I did just spill juice all over you..." He chuckled lightly, a grin plastered on his face.
"My clothes!" I gasp
Looking down at myself.
"I'm Louis by the way, I saw you run out of class, I was wondering if your okay?" he mumbled sticking his hand.
My eyes widened, " er, uh, I'm uh f..fine, I'm Karli," I mumbled back, looking at the ground and shaking his hand. I could feel the tears welling up. " I have to go" I mumbled before sprinting off with tears pouring down my face. I heard the cafeteria door open and Liam call out "K! K wait up!!" Then "ugh, did u make her cry?" He grumbled at Louis before running after me. I just kept running, hallway after hallway until I was in the older part of the school was, where all the recreational activities where held. Luckily it was monday so there were no club meetings being held. I ran into the last hallway which was a dead end so I collapsed into the corner and cried. I'm so bloody emotional. I sat there crying for what seemed like forever until I head someone calling out K, so it was either Jake or Liam. I crawled right back until I was huddled in a ball sniffling. A figure appeared at the entrance of the hallway, it was Liam, I tried to stay silent, but bust into a fresh batch of tears instead. Liam walked up and sat on the floor with me and hugged me. " what's wrong K?"
"I don't know, the Louis boy brought up the incident this morning and it reminded me about him and it scared me, and it made me realise, I need to love someone, it's the only way to get over it." I sighed at leant against Liam.
Liam moved around some he was in front of me holding me.
"Can I be that someone?" He asked so quietly I almost couldn't hear him. I looked at him, and both of us leant in, neither of us realising what we were doing until it was over. It felt so nice, to kiss someone after not loving for so long. Finally realising what i just did i jumped out of Liam's arms and started pacing the hallways as he sat there looking as though he was stars truck. "What have I done? I just met him today! I've ready told my life story! I'm such an idiot!" I mumbled to myself as I paced slapping myself. "WHAT HAVE I done?!?" I yelled, punching the wall, before collapsing onto the ground, rolling up into a ball rocking back and forth. "Karli? Karli? Karli! What's wrong? " Liam asked, shaking me lightly.
"What's wrong!?! What's WRONG? I met you 4 hours ago, I've already told you something it took two weeks of therapy to tell  my parents, I've kissed you, when I don't even know you're last name or age, and..and..I think I liked it," I mumbled, shaking my head.
"But I...I thought you liked me.." Liam frowned looking at the ground.
"I do Liam I do, but can we just be friends... Really good friends," I said, half hopefully, knowing he'd probably just say no and leave.
Liam looked up, a smile spread on his face,"of course!!" He said happily and hugged me.
" let's ask eachother questions and we have to answer them, even if they're personal." I said with a grin as I hooked arm with him and pulled him along to our next class which began in 5mins, that class was drama. " okay me first! Okay Liam what's your secret talent?"
I grinned poking his cheek.
"Well...I sing, I'm not that good though, I'm gonna try for the x-factor, I doubt I'll make it though..." He sighed.
"Sing for me," I said after a few minutes of silence.
"Maybe one day K, maybe one day."

-3 years later-

Over the years, Liam and Karli became great friends and got closer than ever, until Liam auditioned for x-factor. Just before they said goodbye they both drew a heart with a clock on the others ankle, meaning that they'll always be friends forever. Not that long after Liam left Karli would redraw the picture and eventually got it as a tattoo, and well as L&K4Eva on her lower back. Eventually Liam joined the boy band one direction and came third in the x-factor. Now he has millions of girls swooning over him, as well a having a girlfriend until just recently.

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