K? What's wrong?

This is a fan fiction based on a friendship one direction became famous. Based mostly on Liam, with a few side points of Louis.

First story, no hate please :P

If there is a couple of u's instead of you it's because I broke both mr arms and my friend typed the story on my iPod, she's a texter. It's taking lots of time to type this so...enjoy :D


3. Does He Remember?


~Karli's PoV~
I sat in my room watching the latest broadcast about one direction, wondering if he remembers me, as well if Louis remembers me, though we only ever talked that once. I had entered a writing competition to spend a week with one person from one direction in Hawaii, and I just gotten a letter from the person in charge of the comp. I opened the envelope and read the letter once, the twice, then screamed... Literally, so loud that jake ran into my room yelling what was wrong. "I WON THE DATE!! JAKE!! IM GOING TK HAWAII WITH LIAM!!!" I yelled in pure glee as jake stood there stars truck..."but what if he doesn't remember you, anyways, I've gotta pack baby sis, come on, bikinis and short shorts! Don't forget some dresses and shoes to go to dinner in and then yo-" he kept rambling on before I cut him off. " I know you know I liked him but calm down, your right he probably doesn't remember me, but that doesn't mean I can't make him" I said with a sly grin before starting to make a check list before we packed.

~Liam's PoV~
It can't be K who won, though she was always an amazing writer, had tons of confidence in how he wrote and does go by the name Karli Johnston... So maybe it is her, I wonder of she keeps redrawing it on like I do...
All of those things kept running through my mind as I went to the airport to meet my 'date'

~Kali's PoV~
I was standing at the airport for half an hour before I heard the signature scream of fans just as they saw one direction. Just then Liam walked through the main doors, his band mates and body guards surrounding him. He looked like his same old self, just a bit more stylish. I waved at them and showed them the tag I had so I they knew who I was and they walked over. I was wearing the same type of clothes I wore the day I met him. Except this time I wore sandals that highlighted my tattoo, as well as doing my hair & makeup the same.
I stuck my hand out towards him,
" Hi, my name is Karli Johnston, But you can call me K," I said, and he stiffened, his eyes wides as he looked me up and down, then he saw my tattoo, smile then jumped and me and hugged me as I burst into tears. "I missed you so much K, and you kept it!" he said, wiping my tears away.
"You haven't changed one bit Li! An it's a tattoo now, and its not the only one," I sighed leaning into his chest."come on, we gotta get going Li," I said grabbing his hand and my bags. "Bye guys!" I yelled at Liam's friends as we ran off. "HAWAII HERE WE COME!" We both yelled as the plane took off and we broke into a fit of giggles before I rested my head on his chest and we talked about our time apart as he stroked my hair, eventually I fell asleep on him.

A/N: Li is what Karli started calling Liam before he left for the X factor 

sorry bout this one and the next one being so short... im writing a really big one now!

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