K? What's wrong?

This is a fan fiction based on a friendship one direction became famous. Based mostly on Liam, with a few side points of Louis.

First story, no hate please :P

If there is a couple of u's instead of you it's because I broke both mr arms and my friend typed the story on my iPod, she's a texter. It's taking lots of time to type this so...enjoy :D


1. I'll make her love again. <3

~3rd person POV~

Bleep Bleep Bleep...
Karli sits up, rubbing her eyes and yawning, then grabs her glasses and looks at her alarm clock.
"SHIT" she exclaims realising she only has 20 minutes to get ready before her older brother takes to her first day of school at her new school. "I'll to my makeup in the car... Okay shower, check, had it last night,
Clothes, well, I guess I should put them on...." And with that she gets changed and goes through her checklist of getting ready.
By the time her brother comes to knock on her door, she is wearing a peach singlet with a lacy cowgirl half-top, a pair of denim short shorts and white doc martins. Her long golden, brown hair is slightly curled and hanging loosely down her back, and she even had time to do her little touch of make up, some mascara and eyeliner to make her green eyes pop, and some lipgloss for a little bit of shine. No need for foundation, she has as clear skin as ever.

Now you see, Karli is the same as any 15 year old girl, bubbly, crazy, except she is a genius, wear glasses and yet always seems to become extremely popular, and yes she has been played, once, and she vowed to never get into a relationship that wasn't true, sooo... She has only had one boyfriend. Karli is 5'7 and loves to play, unlike most girls in her grade, field hockey, and soccer. She different, yes, but she likes it that way.

~Karli's POV~
As I ran downstairs to grab a price of toast for breaky, I saw Jake, my oldest and only brother, and gave him a mega hug, we have a great relationship.
"Looking forward to your first day at my school? There'll be tons of guys" He chuckled as he asked me. I frowned and tears started welling up in my eyes, nobody and I mean nobody should bring up him when I'm around. " aww, come on K cheer up, you gotta let him go, meet someone new!" He got all excited as he finished his sentence.
"But I don't wanna get hurt again.." I mumbled into his chest as he hugged me. "I promise you, I won't let anyone, and I mean anyone, hurt you, and if they do... Well lets just say.. Pain..."he chuckled and pushed me off his chest and wiped my tears off my face. " lucky you wore your waterproof make up, eh! But my shirt isn't waterproof so... Im a going to go change it then we can leave...got it K?" He said as he climbed up the stairs.

After a delicious breakfast of toast, we went to school chatting about my new school, and his... Well... Same school.

We arrived soon enough, and I leant over and have him a kiss on the cheek." I'm gonna go to the office, get my stuff...and.. Yea, well.. See ya!" I laughed and hugged him before heading to the office.

When I got there, there was a nice enough looking lady sitting at reception, she beckoned me over to her. " You must the new girl, Karli Johnston, I'm mrs layne, here's your time table! " she said happily as she handed me my new schedule for the rest of the year. " someone has been sent in to give you a tour of the school and be your... Buddy, haha you guys probably think that's an uncool word, oh well! Oh look there he is!" She exclaimed happily. I spun around, a bit too fast, and slammed right into someone, a very tall, muscly someone. To help all of this even more, my books and timetable went flying and my timetable flew right into his face. He picked it off and examined it " Hey! We're in all the same classes! And woah, you play hockey? Sweet! Me too! We have a mixed girls and guys team, so you'll be in my team! I'm Liam by the way" said the mysterious, gorgeous guy with brown hair and blue eyes who is apparently named Liam.

You see at this school, there is 2 periods when you can do whichever sport you like, as long as they have the equipment.

" oh heh they really take this 'buddy' thug seriously, and yes, yes I do, that's cool and my names Karli" I said sticking my hand and coping the way he said everything, in an excited tone.
On the way to form we talked about ourselves, got to know eachother, strangely enough, there was never an awkward moment.

As we walked into the classroom everyone stopped talking and looked at me, including the teacher. I felt my cheeks starting to burn up so I stared at my shoes." hey guys! This is Karli! She's new, I'm her buddy! She's really cool, don't be mean to her, alright? Oh and, she's really pretty." He said as chirpy as ever chuckling while i turned into a tomato. He was obviously a cool guy.As he was leading me to my seat, next to him, of course, he whispered in my ear, " don't you ever forget that, it's it comes naturally to you, don't ever turn Ito or dress like a slut, got it?" I was blushing so hard it hurt, I just nodded. His warm breath against m ear sent shivers down my neck. I think I was falling for him, he's so swe- NO! Snap out of it, you can't, not after what happened with.. Him, but remember what jake said? But I don't want to be hurt again! As I had my mental battle, tears started welling up in my eyes as I remember what he did to me. Liam turned to me, saw the tears and asked if I was okay, I shook my head and put my hand up. " yes Karli? The teacher asked.
"M..may I be excused?" I said, just above a whisper.
"Yes you may."
And with that I ran out of the classroom and ran down the hallways, trying to find a peaceful place. I finally reach the fountain, sat on the edge and cried. I was crying so much I didn't realise someone had followed me until I felt a hand on my back. I jumped, and almost fell into the fountain, until Liam grabbed me and pulled me back, and I landed on him, in his lap with my head in his chest. I burst into a fresh batch of tears. Why am I so emotional today?

After a while Liam was able to calm me down enough for me to be able to talk. "K, what's wrong?"
"Since when did you call me k?" I said trying to avoid the topic.
" stop avoiding it, what's wrong?"
I started sniffling again and started telling him about it.
"It happened last year... We had been dating for just over seven months and everything had been fine and dandy, but I never really loved him, and at the beginning of last year he took me to a back to school party, basically and excuse to get drunk, he drunk, even though he was underage, I didn't know about it till that day. He went overboard and started kissing me, hard, with no love in it, then he started... Touching me... In places I don't want to be touched yet. I knew what would happen if I let him keep going, so I ran away, I got out of the house that the party was in and I was running home, the problem is, he got a scholarship for athletics, he's a really fast sprinter. I kept running till her go so close he could grab, me so I ran into this d abandoned house near my house, he caught me. He still had his beer bottle in his hand and when he told me too.. B..b..low him, I said no and I turned to run again, but he threw the glass bottle at me, but it was already broken so he basically threw really sharp glass shards at me. It hurt so bad.. I don't remember much else, I was bleeding so much, all else that I remember is him dropping the rest of his beer bottle on the ground, him saying what the fuck did I do, then him running away." Just as I finished I burst into another batch of tears. I still had my head in his chest and I was still on his lap, but he didn't care, he just wrapped his arms around me and rocked back and forth making calming noises. I heard him murmur, it sounded something "I'll make her love again," while stroking my hair.

We sat like that for a while, me sniffling, him stroking my hair, while we talked about anything and everything. The bell rang for lunch and we decided we had better go. As we stood up, Liam kept looking at me worriedly, as If I might break down in tears.
"Liam.."I said really quietly, hoping he would, but wouldn't hear me. He heard me. "Yes K?" He said dusting himself off. "Thank you, your the first person I've told aside from my parents, brother and the police.. A...a..about z..Zac and what happened." I stuttered and hugged him.
"Don't stress it K... I'm here for you, always" he replied hugging me, I swear I saw a little bit of hope flash on his face.
Together we walked to the cafeteria. In the time we've spent together, we've become great friends
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