another world

jess and louis have known eachother since birth and then he left for the x factor and they havent talked since..but what happens when louis starts missing her?


1. the past.

~four years ago~

Jessicas POV:

i woke up to the smell of breakfast and the sound of my phone recieving a text. it was Louis Tomlinson, my bestfriend..our moms went to school together and they were bestfriends, then johanna got pregnant with louis and my mom, stacie got pregnant with me and lifes been pretty great.

anyways Louis and I are 18, he just texted me saying he had important news to tell me so i threw on some white shorts, a white tanktop and a red plaid shirt with red toms, i ran downstairs grabbed some bacon out of my moms hands and ran out the door to louis' house..

i knocked on the door and soon heard running and louis yelling 'ill get it'. as soon as louis opened the door i was greeted by his warm hug, i hugged him back and he whispered 'come to my room i have important news', i nodded my head and we ran up to his room

when we got upstairs he shut the door and sat on the bed.

Louis POV:

i started getting nervous i mean I WAS LEAVING TO GO ON THE X FACTOR!!

'jess' i whispered, she looked up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and smiled, i am so nervous.

i sat down next to her, looked into her eyes and told her 'im auditioning for the x factor, im leaving tomorrow and i dont know when ill be back'

i waited for her responce.

jessicas POV:

' im auditioning for the x factor, im leaving tomorrow and i dont know when ill be back'..i was shocked then i hugged him and told him 'your a great singer and i know youll do just great'

he let out a sigh..a sigh of relief? i couldent tell you but it was a sigh

all that was running through my mind is will i ever see him again, we decided that we would text everyday and stay bestfriends. im really gunna miss him.


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