another world

jess and louis have known eachother since birth and then he left for the x factor and they havent talked since..but what happens when louis starts missing her?


5. niall!?!?

Jessicas POV.

once louis hugged me i pushed him away and started crying, i started crying because after all these years, after everything tht made my life shit, once i was in his arms i felt safe. then this brunette gave me a dirty look so i walked away and just cried, oh your so tough jess, just then i heard my nam being called but it wasnt louis voice...

Nialls POV

after she walked away louis' face dropped, so i got up and walked towards jessica she was so beautiful, 'jessica' i said calmly, she turned around and looked shocked to see me. i opened my arms for a hug and she hesitated but she slowly came into my arms and as soon as she hugged me back i stood there and held her. i felt sparks go through me, how wierd...

Jessicas POV

he opened his arm, i thought about running into them but i didnt know him very well so i walked into his arms and as soon as he wrapped his arms around me i felt sparks shoot through me and butterflys took over my stomach. i never want this moment to end.

Louis POV.

what have i done? im such an idiot. first i forget about her untill today, i still loved her, i looked at the girls and the rest of the lads.'im going to the restroom' i went in the direction jess and niall went in and saw them hugging, i recognized that look niall had, he only ever had that look when he eats, was niall falling for her? just then i saw him lean in for a kiss.

nialls POV

i wanted to kiss her so badly, i looked into her eyes and started leaning in, suddenly our lips met. our lips going in an amazing rythem and to top it off, not fire works nor sparks...BOMBS! i was so happy she kissed back and i pulled away

Jessicas POV.

we kissed, i felt bombs. it was intense i feel like ive known him my whole life. just then he spoke up 'Jess, i know we just met but would you consider going on a date with me?'


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