another world

jess and louis have known eachother since birth and then he left for the x factor and they havent talked since..but what happens when louis starts missing her?


3. nandos girl.

Louis POV.

we walked into the flat to find niall looking for anything to eat. he looked like he has been starving his whole life. i walked up to him and patted his back and asked him 'whens the last time you ate' 'like 20 minutes ago' he replied. i stared at him in disbelief 'louis im hungry,can we go get some food?' he said 'ill go ask the lads'

after about 5 minutes everyone was downstairs and ready to go. we got into the elevator and i looked at zayn and liam 'should we invite the girls?' 'already did they said they were at a nandos close by' zayn replied. 'NANDOS?!?!' niall yelled, you can see on his face that he was exited i started laughing because he looked like a kid who walked into a candy store.

about 10 minutes later we all got to nandos, i saw elenor. damn she was beautiful. the girls were already seated so the boys and i just sat around them. suddenly niall started pouting. 'whats wrong niall?' i asked 'i can eat a whole nandos restaurant if i could' he replied, we all burst into laughter.

soon the waitress came, man she was beautiful the way her brown eyes shined and her black hair landed in perfect curls on her shoulders, wait! louis you have elenor i looked at the waitress again. she reminded me of somebody..but who?

JESSICA! i remeber now, i was in love with her before i left for the x factor, we locked eyes and her brown eyes went big.

'LOUIS?!?' she yelled, i smiled and hugged her 'i missed you alot jessica'

she pushed me away and walked away crying...what happend these past 4 years?

(sorry guys ill try to update more but thanks for reading, ive just been busy with school and everything)


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