another world

jess and louis have known eachother since birth and then he left for the x factor and they havent talked since..but what happens when louis starts missing her?


6. Im only gunna break your heart

Nialls POV.

'jess i know we just met but would you mind going on a date with me?' as soon as i asked that i got nervous, my palms started sweating when she looked down, she looked up 'i would love to niall' my heart jumped, did she just say yes??

Jessicas POV

'i would love to niall' once i said it and looked att him i saw louis behind him, how long has he been there? louis doesnt even like you the way you like him jess, your gunna go on a date with niall. these words were running through my mind like crazy.

Louis' POV.

they kissed then he asked her on a date, im gunna beat the shit out of him when we leave, how can he do this IM SO FUCKING MAD! just as i was about to storm off, jess looked at me. wow, i can never stay mad when i look into her eyes, why am i so dumb she could have been mine 4 years ago. Elenor called me..shit, im dating elenor. i walked up to her, kissed her cheek and told her we had to leave.


sorry its so short guys, i just have problems right now, i do love writing for yous.. yous and ttyl

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