another world

jess and louis have known eachother since birth and then he left for the x factor and they havent talked since..but what happens when louis starts missing her?


2. here and now.

jessicas pov.

my alarm clock went off, shit. i now go to school in london and i work at a nandos down the street,

i got up and got dressed in white pants, a striped red shirt and red toms.

i went downstairs and ate breakfast, i looked at the time 8:50, damn i have to get to school, i got in my car and turned on the radio, what makes you beautiful was playing so i turned it up. with that i drove to school

-five minutes later-

i pulled into my schools parking lot and got out, i walked inside my school and saw her. emily davis. i have no idea why but ever since i started coming to school she has hated me. i walked up to my bestfriend brandon hes been my bestfriend for two years. i got up to him and he said 'hey jess, we have english first'

damn i hated english because i was partnered up with emily.

after english i had math then music

-in music-

my teacher came up to me 'jessica its your turn to do a solo performance' as soon as she walked away i grabbed the music sheet, just my luck. i had to preform the black keys by the jonas brothers, i walked up to the piano and started playing:

She walks away Colors fade to gray Every precious moment's now a waste She hits the gas hoping it would pass The red lights starts to flash It's time to wait And black keys never looked so beautiful And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull And the lights out never had this bright a glow And the black keys Showing me a world I never knew, no A world I never knew

-after a few seconds i finished the song and i heard an applause- my teacher mrs. holland came up to me 'that is the best performance yet.

-skip to after school-

i walked to my car and drove off to work, i pulled up to work after a few minutes and walked inside,

it was busy, i walked to the back and changed into my work uniform, soon 8 people walked in and went to my section, shit. just what i needed.

i walked up to the table and asked 'are you ready to order?'

a blonde haired guy with beautiful blue eyes ordered first, then a curly haired guy with the most beautiful green eyes, then a pretty blonde and next were two brunnettes one had curly hair and the other had straight hair, then a brown haired guy with a face that reminded me of a puppy and then a guy with black hair and beautiful brown eyes then louis,


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