The Whittmer family moves into a new house, well if you want to call a 200 year old house new. It's filled with surprises and a new problem around every corner.


1. Home

This was it, her new home. Ricki Whitmer, a pretty blonde with blue eyes and she was about 5 1/2 foot, they height of an average 7th grader. She was wearing a white Hollister shirt, blue Arizona jeans and black and pink Sketchers.
"Ricki, how do you like the house?" her mom asked as she walked toward the door
"It looks old." Ricki wasn't to happy about the move
"It's over 200 years old"
"Well that would explain it."
Ricki walked inside, looked around the kitchen, their was a black gas stove, dusty marble counters and an empty space where the frigde should be.
"Where's the frigde?" Ricki asked
"There isn't one." her dad said
"I can see that dad but we need a fridge!"
"We have one in the moving van."
"You could of said that when asked the first time."
"Ricki, go look around."
Ricki did as she was told. She walked into the living room, stained wood floors, and a built in shelving unit. Boring she thought. She walked through the long hallway to the stairs. One,two three,four,five, landing, six , seven, eights, nine, ten, ten stairs. She open a door and it creaked like some dying animal. She walked in and saw that it had two doors, one on each side of the room, she walked to the on on the left, Opened the door and saw it was a walk in closet. She walked over to the other door and opened it. It was to small to be a closet and to small for her to walk into. She shut it and walked out SLAM! She whipped around to see that the door had opened and smashed into the wall. "old house" she said to herself and walked out
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