Infinite Love

Juliet was a normal teenage girl who loved One Direction. After bumping into Harry Styles at a local mall, Juliet is worried that the superstar won't remember her when she and her friends later attend a concert. When finally they find each other over Twitter, their lives turn around. Harry and Juliet face a lot of different conflicts. This FanFiction is action-packed and switches POVs between Harry and Juliet. Tip: expect the unexpected. Sequel: Me, My Love, and Harry Styles. Enjoy! Xx
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27. Chapter 27

I woke up to find Darcey still in my arms asleep. I admired her beauty when I heard voices downstairs. I picked up Darcey and made my way down stairs to find Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Jasmine, Jedda, Jiana, and Jordan scattered across the kitchen. They looked up at me with the biggest grins I have ever seen, and they started laughing. "What's going on?" I asked them. "Juliet was found unconsious in a ditch aross the road from the arcade. They took her to the hospital. She is still unconsious, but she and the new baby are perfectly fine." Jasmine said joyfully. "Well, except for the big bruise on Juliet's head." Niall said. Zayn slapped him. "We were waiting for you to wake up before we left." Jordan said. I smiled and handed Darcey to Liam. I ran to the laundry room and threw on some jeans and a t-shirt. I ran back out into the kitchen, grabbed Darcey, grabbed my car keys, and told them to move their bums. "Lets go to the hospital!" I shouted. I buckled Darcey in her car seat and jumped in the front seat. I laughed with tears of joy clouding up my eyes. I started the car and drove to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, I unbuckled Darcey, and we ran into the lobby. I was lead to Juliet's room and she was unconsious in the hospital bed. I sat the sleepy Darcey in the chair and walked over to my wife. I kissed her forhead. The others came in the room about five minutes after I did. I was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed holding Juliet's hand. They stood at the end of the bed and smiled. I heard giggling from the girls. A couple hours later Juliet's hand twitched. I looked up at her and watched as she opened her big brown eyes. The others were sitting on the floor and I motioned for them to get up. "Harry." She said. "Juliet." I said while more tears of joy clouded my eyes. "Harry, it was positive." She said happily. "I know." I laughed. She reached up and wiped a tear off my cheek. I leaned foward and kissed her. Louis got up, picked up Darcey, and laid her in the bed with Juliet. She hugged her and kissed her forhead. The others were crowding around the bed. "Mommy." Darcey whispered. We all looked at each other and cheered. I kissed my girls' forheads.
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