Infinite Love

Juliet was a normal teenage girl who loved One Direction. After bumping into Harry Styles at a local mall, Juliet is worried that the superstar won't remember her when she and her friends later attend a concert. When finally they find each other over Twitter, their lives turn around. Harry and Juliet face a lot of different conflicts. This FanFiction is action-packed and switches POVs between Harry and Juliet. Tip: expect the unexpected. Sequel: Me, My Love, and Harry Styles. Enjoy! Xx
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21. Chapter 21

I'm planning on taking everyone out to dinner at Columbia. I remember I took Juliet out to dinner at a Columbia while on a date, and she loved it. I sat in the back with Juliet and the whole ride there we were asked about the X Factor. We were also asked about why we decided to come down here without telling them. The two of us agreed that when we were asked that, we would say 'no reason'. We finally arrived, and it was packed. As soon as Juliet and I walked in the doors, there was pure screaming. There was dozens of kids, so many teenagers, and dozens of adults. We waited about fifteen minutes until we were seated. By the time we reached our table, we have already signed so many autographs that I lost count. Before we knew it, there was cameras everwhere. "Juliet, may I speak with you outside?" I asked her. "Sure." She said. "We'll be back." She told her family. I took her hand and we walked out front. "I'm sorry about that, if I had known it was going to be like that I wouldn't have taken us here." "It's okay Harry, I don't mind and I don't think my family minds either." "Are you sure?" I asked her. "Absolutely." We walk back inside, and it's surprisingly calm. I didn't see one pair of eyes on us. We found our table, and asked why everyone was seated. "Because Paul came and made everyone sit down!" Luke excitedly said. "What?" Juliet and I both said looking at each other in confusement. "Now why did you both run off like that?"
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