Infinite Love

Juliet was a normal teenage girl who loved One Direction. After bumping into Harry Styles at a local mall, Juliet is worried that the superstar won't remember her when she and her friends later attend a concert. When finally they find each other over Twitter, their lives turn around. Harry and Juliet face a lot of different conflicts. This FanFiction is action-packed and switches POVs between Harry and Juliet. Tip: expect the unexpected. Sequel: Me, My Love, and Harry Styles. Enjoy! Xx
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20. Chapter 20

The plane had just landed and Harry just woke up. "Morning baby." I told him. He smiled and kissed me. "Morning." He said. We got off the plane and got a ride in a cab to my house. We arrived there, payed the man, and thanked him. We got our stuff and walked to the front door. I rang the doorbell and we waited. My dogs arrived at the door first all barking. The door opened a few minutes later and it was my brother. "Juliet!" He screamed. "Hey Luke!" I said. "Luke, who is at the door?" My mom asked. "Luke, don't say anything yet." I told him. "Okay." He said. He led us to the kitchen where my mom was leaning against the island like she always did. "Juliet!" She cried. "Mom!" I said as I hugged her. My grandma was sitting at the island and she jumped up and hugged me. "Why didn't you tell us you were coming? We could have picked you up so you wouldn't have been alone." My mom said. "Mom, I didn't come alone. Harry came with me." I said. She peeked around the corner. "Hi, Mrs. Gwaltney." He said. "Harry! It's so nice to see you again." "You too." He replied. "Okay, well why don't you go put your stuff down." My mom said. "Okay, c'mon baby." I said to Harry. He obeyed. We walked upstairs and put our stuff down in the loft. "Juliet, how about we all go out for dinner? My treat." Harry said. "Harry, no. We're a big family." I said. "Your sisters are still on London, it's only six people. C'mon please?" "Harry-" "Juliet, let me take you all out to dinner." Harry begged. I stood there silent. "Good, Go get ready. I'll tell the others." Harry said. He went to walk down stairs but I pulled him back and kissed him. He smiled and went down stairs. I went through my duffel bag and found my best outfit. A pink striped shirt with every other stripe sparkly, black skinny jeans, my silver sparkly bobs, a necklace Harry gave me when we first got together, and a mini hair bow. "Juliet." Harry called. "Yes?" "Are you ready?" "Yes, I'm coming." I answered. I walked down stairs with my stuff to put in the truck because Harry said to bring it and the six of us: Harry, my mom, my grandma, my dad, my brother, and I got in my mom's Ford Expedition and left.
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