Infinite Love

Juliet was a normal teenage girl who loved One Direction. After bumping into Harry Styles at a local mall, Juliet is worried that the superstar won't remember her when she and her friends later attend a concert. When finally they find each other over Twitter, their lives turn around. Harry and Juliet face a lot of different conflicts. This FanFiction is action-packed and switches POVs between Harry and Juliet. Tip: expect the unexpected. Sequel: Me, My Love, and Harry Styles. Enjoy! Xx
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16. Chapter 16

“This year's 3rd place X Factor winner is...” Simon said. “The Nutcase dance crew.” The crowd applauds. “And this year’s 1st place X Factor winner is...” Simon continued. “The J Sisters!” The crowd screams. Samantha Alexandria, who was a solo singer, won second place. The girls and I hug. Our families came out and hugged us. Followed by Harry. I hug him and don’t let go. “You won!” He congratulated us. We smile and hug him, I still didn’t let go. “Do you think Simon is still going to allow you girls to open for us during our next tour?” Harry asked us. “Absolutely.” Simon chimed in. We smile and hug Simon too. The rest of One Direction came out on stage also to congratulate us. The crowd screams even more when the rest of the boys came out. Simon asked us and the boys if we would like to say anything. I nodded and he hands me the microphone. I motion for the crowd to be quiet. “Thank you. Really, thank you. You know, the girls and I would not be standing here in front of you being the 1st place winners if it wasn’t for One Direction. They encouraged us to show the world what we could do, and they suggested we show everyone on the X Factor. Can I get a round of applauds for One Direction!?” The crowd was unbelievably loud. The boys waved. The boys asked us if we wanted to go run out into the crowd. The girls and I said yes. We asked Simon and he approved. So that’s exactly what we did. The boys ran to the left, us girls ran to the right. We met in the back and ran back to the stage on the opposite side. “Thank you all,” Louis started, “but we have not won. The J Sisters have won!” The crowd was jumping up and down now. “We really miss being here though!” Harry said into the microphone. “We all definitely have missed you boys.” Simon said. “Is there anything else you would like to say?” Simon asked the boys and us girls. We all looked at each other and nodded. “THANK YOU X FACTOR!” We all yelled into the one microphone.
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