Infinite Love

Juliet was a normal teenage girl who loved One Direction. After bumping into Harry Styles at a local mall, Juliet is worried that the superstar won't remember her when she and her friends later attend a concert. When finally they find each other over Twitter, their lives turn around. Harry and Juliet face a lot of different conflicts. This FanFiction is action-packed and switches POVs between Harry and Juliet. Tip: expect the unexpected. Sequel: Me, My Love, and Harry Styles. Enjoy! Xx
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1. Chapter 1

"Ah, what a great day filming don't ya think boys?" Louis asked the four other band members. "Yes." The boys replied. "Harry, you look a bit under the weather. What's wrong?" Louis asked me anxiously. "Nothing... It's nothing." I replied. "Harold Edward Styles." Louis loudly shouted, which was typical Louis because he always was very loud. I've never heard a louder person until we met in the bathroom while on the X Factor. I was admiring myself in the massive mirror, when a small, very cheeky boy smiled at me and waved. Since then, we've been practically brothers. "Truly, it's nothing." I told him. "Harry, I've never seen you this quiet. Ever." "Louis, just because I'm quiet doesn't mean something is wrong. It's the lack of sleep these past couple of days." I confronted Louis. "If you say so." Louis said while trotting off to go speak with Paul. There really is something wrong though. Louis is right, I just don't want to tell anyone right now. Yes, we are practically brothers, but this is not something I can share. I promised myself she would stay private, my mind only. But I just can't stop thinking about those rosy red cheeks, that long brown beautiful hair, and those dark brown eyes. Just thinking about her gives me the goosebumps. Yes, I do realize that the boys will eventually figure out what is wrong but until then, she stays not only in my head for safe keeping, but in my heart to love and to cherish.
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