Act Like Lovers

April Cash is 20 years old and try's out for a part in a music video, she get hired but not for what she thinks. She is parried up with Harry Styles and they must act like lovers. Will they fall each other, other people, or will the press tear them and this story to pieces , and what about those Larry Stylinson shippers??


36. The ending

Today me and Harry are getting our own place it's been about eight months since we get back together and that whole incident. Liam is now with a beautiful young girl named Kate and they are very happy. Louis is no married to Eleanor now. Zayn and Perrie got back together and are currently going steady.Niall is still single, he believes the wait will be worth it but he met a girl name Grace a month again there just friends but I see it getting farther than that. There really hitting it off. "Babe" I look back at harry and he winks "So you like this color" he said referring to the light blue were are currently using to paint the bathroom. "Yeah, its nice" I turn around and then feel paint splatter all over my back I turn around and see Harry with a devilish smile on his face."Oh no you didn't" this starts a full out paint war. I grab another brush and splatter him with blue paint his curls turning blue. He smiles and then picks up the whole bucket and throws the paint out on me. I stand shocked. "Look at this mess you made" he laughs "Me? More like we" he smiles and takes my hand. He turns on the shower "Get in" I shake my head "No, not with you" he looked offended "Why not" I laugh "Your a Styles , April will not take shower with a styles." He put his hands on his pocket and kissed me. "I hope your a Styles one day soon" I blush and nodded "Me to Harry." He kissed my hand making his lips a little blue and got down on one knee "Then will you marry me?" I was shocked. I don't know what to say. I just nod my head as I start I cry. He slips the ring on my finger. It was right above my promise ring , he didn't know the promise but knew how much the ring meant so he just left it there. I hug him and we kiss slowly, passionately, perfectly. It was just like the first time. I think back to the first time I met Harry how much I hated him but in reality it was never an act. We never Acted like lovers we never had to. It was real. "Harry" he looks up at me "Yeah babe" I grab his shirt and pull him closer "Let's take a shower now" 
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