Act Like Lovers

April Cash is 20 years old and try's out for a part in a music video, she get hired but not for what she thinks. She is parried up with Harry Styles and they must act like lovers. Will they fall each other, other people, or will the press tear them and this story to pieces , and what about those Larry Stylinson shippers??


35. Talk with

The door closed behind them as Liam sat down and took my hand. "April, I love you ok. People say if you fall in love with two people choose the second one because if you were really in love with the first one you wouldn't have this problem. I never believed that but I do believe you can't love two people on the same level. Me and Harry we both love you. Who do you love more?" I sighed and began to cry a little "Liam, I love you more than words can explain and same for Harry. I just love you in different ways. I feel safe and secure with you as if we are never going to have problems with each other and we haven't had one fight , so that proves something. With Harry I feel on cloud nine. I feel his love and just never get enough. I feel like I can fall in love with Harry over and over again but we have so many problems." he nodded "What do you want more" I sighed "What I want and what I need are two different things. Liam laughed "pretend your eight again, you are given a dollar you can buy a pack of pencils for school or a candy bar. What do you buy?. Well that was easy "They candy bar" he nodded "Your the person that puts what you want fist April" I nodded he was right what I wanted mattered most to me my whole life "I'm sorry Liam-" he uninterrupted me "You want Harry, I understand" I shook my head.  "Sorry I made you buy those rings for nothing." He laughed "Promise me no matter what that we will always love each other, not as soul mates but as best friends. So that we know no matter what happens we will be there for each other." I nodded and took his hand and kissed it "I promise Liam." He  took out the rings and we each put ours on. He smiled at me "April, just thanks for not leaving me" I looked at him and nodded "Thanks for not wanting to let me go" I said referring to how he said no. He nodded "I'm gonna go thank Harry" I smiled "For what" he got up "Saving your life."
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