Act Like Lovers

April Cash is 20 years old and try's out for a part in a music video, she get hired but not for what she thinks. She is parried up with Harry Styles and they must act like lovers. Will they fall each other, other people, or will the press tear them and this story to pieces , and what about those Larry Stylinson shippers??


3. Paps and being teased

Today I was going shopping for clothes to wear to meet the boys. Honestly I could barley pay my bills and now I had to look nice for paparazzi. I knew they would be searching for me I already read three articles about me and all I did was go get coffee with him and these people already know every thing about me.. Creeps. I was told to politely decline our relationship if asked. No one has asked yet just took pictures of me. I walk out to my car. I see a car on the other side of my house that normally isn't there. I knew it was paparazzi . I walk in to a store and exit about 25 minutes later with all I wanted and could afford and then a Girl around 14 walked up to me "Larry is real" I smiled "Excuse me" "Leave Harry alone" I wanted to punch the little bitch "Darling, we're just friends that went for coffee that's it, nothing more I promise" she looked at me up and down "Ok, good your not pretty enough to be his girlfriend" I choked on the air without thought and said "Bitch, Harry would be lucky to have me Ok" she look startled as I pushed pass her and got in my car and drove home. Once I get home I check my phone and I received a text. {* Hey April Its Harry we should meet up tonight you can come over*} I sigh , honesty I didn't want but Harry is clearly trying to get closer to me even if it is just for work so I text back {*Yeah that would be best we could work on our "chemistry"*}  I get dressed and wall out my door get in my car and drive to Harrys. 
(HARRY'S POV).              
  She texted me back {*Yeah that would be best we could work on our "chemistry"*}  I was confused did she really not want to just hang out no work attached. I honestly wanted to like my "girlfriend" I told the boys she was coming over and Louis teased me of course "If she does not love you Harry I'll still be here" I joked back at him "What about Eleanor" he pretended to gasp "Don't speak of her as if shes an option Harry, she is my life" I laugh "April doesn't love me it's just for press" he snatches my phone why is her name "April my kitty cat in your phone" I took it back "For the press Lou god leave me alone" he pretend pouted then walked off. I heard the doorbell ring as I got up to get it but Lou came running past me and tripped me as he ran for the door. "Time to meet April" he screamed as the other boys ran downstairs. This is gonna be great.....
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