Act Like Lovers

April Cash is 20 years old and try's out for a part in a music video, she get hired but not for what she thinks. She is parried up with Harry Styles and they must act like lovers. Will they fall each other, other people, or will the press tear them and this story to pieces , and what about those Larry Stylinson shippers??


13. Damned cat

I wake up and see I'm in a hospital room. There is no one in the room. An instant pain shot throught my stomach and I looked down to see my stomach with one big slash through it and stitches. I saw a nurse come in and dropped the plate she had when she saw me awake. "Gosh, your supposed to be in a coma" I didnt know if I heard correctly "A coma?" she nodded "Yes you have been for two weeks now" I felt my stomach shoot pain and the nurse came over and gave me Medicene "Take this for the pain then I will explain" I took the Medicene and handed the cup back to her. "Two weeks ago you were attacked in your house. Someone hit you upside the head with a baseball bat then cut open your stomach and left you to die" A young man called the ambulance and claimed you were unconscious when he found you. You would have died if he hadn't brought back Your black heels. I laugh I remember Harry took my heels for me when we went to the park on our date. But I instantly regretted it because laughing hurt more, oh god Lou can't come visit me. I ask her to call Harry but she looks sad "He told me to give you this" I grab it and smile at her then she leaves it read.     
{"Dear April, It's Harry I know we only dated like a week  but it was the best week of my life. But when I rescued you I also found a note it said that you had to die so I could be happy. Of course that is nonsense but  I can't let you get hurt like that for me. Also I was told about someone named Percy in the note. God I can't live up to that, never can. You deserve another Percy April and it's not me. Love your damned cat Harry}.  
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