Cousin's Best Friend

I'm Louis' Cousin. Yes THE LOUIS TOMLINSON. I'm Visiting Him On His Tour With His Band. But It Might Be Kinda Hard Since I'm Falling For One Of His Best Friends. Liam Payne.


1. Seeing Lou

Cousin's Best Friend Ch. 1 

It's a cold winter morning boarding the plane to L.A. I'm going to see my cousin Lou. It's not as exciting as you think. I mean he's great an all but.... He's just Lou to me. I mean I love one direction an I'm excited that my cousin is in it but... He won't let me see them till after their concert on Friday. Im leaving to go back to Britain after my visit but it should be fun on their tour bus. I'm going to stay at Lou's hotel room till friday. At least today is Thursday. 

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

I got to the hotel at 7. Lou still isn't here. 
"hey Taylor!" 
I turn to see Louis running towards me.
"hey Lou! Long time no see, how are you?" 
"oh you know touring an all is tiring. So I'm kinda tired" he laughs.
"oh cool, so uhm who's that?" I say pointing to the blonde behind him. 
"oh. Tay, this is Niall, one of my best friends." he laughs again.
"hello Taylor, I'm Niall Horan. It's very nice to meet you." he smiles. I smile back.
"so are we going out for dinner or not?" Lou asks looking to Niall. 
"can I come? I wanna see the rest of one direction." I ask Lou. 
"Taylor I said you can't meet them till Friday okay? So no but uh I'll let Niall  take you to go get some nando's I'm sure they have one around here." Lou says. 
"I can do that." Niall says smiling.
"uhm.. That's really sweet but.. You guys should eat together I'll order room service." I say
"are you sure?" Lou asks
"ya I'm sure" I say an wave to them as they head to get a taxi.

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

I'm eating fried chicken when I hear a knock on the door. I get up an ask
"who is it?" 
"Eleanor, who else?"
I get up an open the door. A tall brunette standing in the doorway. She's very beautiful. It must be Lou's girlfriend.
"oh uh you must be Taylor, Louis'  cousin, I'm Eleanor his girlfriend." 
"ya that's me the cousin." I laugh "uh if your looking for Lou he an the boys went out for dinner." 
"oh uh ya thanks I'll go call him...." she says starting to leave, she pauses and turns back to me. "wait... How come your not with Lou?" 
"oh I'm not allowed to meet the rest of them till after their concert on Friday." I say frowning a little. 
"really? That's silly! Here come with me I'll take you to where ever they are. he shouldn't be leaving you here alone." she says grabbing my hand.
"are you sure won't Lou be mad?" I ask
"I'm sure he won't mind, come lets go I have Dani in the car waiting for me." she says as we walk to the elevator.
"who's Dani?" I ask curious. Just then the door to the elevator beeps an another brunette with curly hair walks out. "WHERE ARE THEY??? AND WHAT TOOK YOU SO LO- oh.... I'm sorry... Hi I'm Dani and you are?" the curly one looks at me sheepishly. I suppose this is Dani I open my mouth to say who I am but... "Dani, this is Taylor Louis' cousin." Eleanor points to me I smile.
"well let's get going, I thought we were supposed to meet the boys here?" Dani asks looking at me.
"oh Lou and the boys already left for dinner." I say looking at Dani then to Eleanor. "oh okay well let's go then!" Dani says heading back to the elevator. We follow behind and get in the elevator.

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