Cousin's Best Friend

I'm Louis' Cousin. Yes THE LOUIS TOMLINSON. I'm Visiting Him On His Tour With His Band. But It Might Be Kinda Hard Since I'm Falling For One Of His Best Friends. Liam Payne.


4. Liam's Jelousy

Cousin's Best Friend Ch. 4

I wake up to Lou shaking me. I roll over. It's 3:15. I groan and get up. "you okay?" Lou asks. I shake my head no. "where did Harry and Zayn go?" I ask. 
"they left." 
"and where have you been?" 
"out with El."
"oh.... Well I'm going to bed..." I turn to go to my room and Lou puts a hand on my shoulder. 
"was it Liam again?"
I tear slips down my face "ya..." 
He nods. I turn and head to bed. I pull up the covers and try to sleep. I hear someone knock on the door, Lou gets it. I hear him and someone talking. The person heads to my door. I pretend to be asleep. They knock and I whisper "come in." they walk inside and I can make out the shadow. They lay down beside me. "hey." it's Liam. He brushes the hair out of my face. "hi" I whisper. He gives me a soft, gentle kiss. Then one on my forehead. "I'm so sorry." he whispers. I wipe the tears from his face and pull him close. "we can't keep doing this.... You have to pick..." I whisper. He lays down beside me and we end up falling asleep. Not another word said.

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

I woke up and Liam was gone. I frowned. I knew he'd pick her. I get up and see Lou is still asleep. I poke him. "Lou..... Lou!!!" 
"wha-what?? Fire?!?" he launches forward.
"no, no fire... We gotta go to the tour bus today." I say looking at floor. 
He looks at me concerned "what's the matter? I thought you an Liam figured things last night?" 
"no, he picked her..." I frown.
"at least there's no tears this time" he laughs. I punch him in the gut and glare at him. "chill I was just kidding." he chuckles. I laugh a little. "let's go we gotta get on the road." I say an push him as he grabs our stuff.

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

I sit there next to Niall and Harry laughing. It's been awkward between me an Liam so I opted out on sitting next to him but he glances at me every once in a while. I go to lay down and take a nap and Harry follows me. "hey what's up with you and Li?" he asks.
"it's complicated." I say
"well you can tell me." he sits next to me.
"well he uh... He kissed me.." I look to him and he nods I take that as its okay to continue. "and then I went to talk to him and he wouldn't let me in..." 
"and I comforted you while you cried... Continue."
"ya you did.... And then I went to talk to him the next day and there was... A girl in there.... Probably Dani so I-I went to Niall and... We" I smiled "we had an awesome day... Then I went to go to the hotel room and Liam was in the hall..... He said he was sorry and well I.... I kinda slapped him" we both laugh "so then he apologized last night an I told him he had to chose an he... He picked...her.." 
"I'm sorry" he hugs me
"it's okay I was just gonna take a nap."
"well you might wanna stay up." 
"because we're going to the beach, no Dani or El just us 5 guys and you." he pokes me enfisizing the you part. I laugh and look out the window to see where almost there. Zayn walks in "hey we going to the beach or what?" he asks. I laugh again and go get changed. 

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

"hey Tay, wanna walk on the beach?" Niall asks as we get off.
"ya, sure I'd love that." I smile. We start walking and I feel bad because Niall really likes me and I like him too... But it's complicated with Liam in the middle. "so what's going on with you and Li?" he asks breaking the ice. "well everything is just awkward you know?" I say i really don't wanna bring up what happened last night it might crush him.
"oh okay." he says reaching for my hand. I smile. He's so sweet. I intertwine our fingers and smile up at him. He smiles back and pecks my lips. In the corner of my eye I see Liam scowling and in the blink of an eye the beach ball is hurling toward Niall. It hits him and he falls. "oh my gosh! Niall are you okay?" I see he has a small cut on his leg from where he fell. He smiles "ya I'm fine it's just a scratch." I get up and march toward Liam a big smile perched on his face but when Harry or Lou glances at him it turns to a frown. I pull him by the collar over where we could talk. "what the heck is your problem?!?" I screech. He smiles looking back at Niall then to me and he turns sheepish "I uh I'm sorry I just... I don't want you with Niall okay?" 
"then who am I allowed to be with?" I challenge.
"me" he says all serious.
"then you shouldn't have picked Dani! So you either dump her and wait or deal with me and Niall!" I walk past him knowing his eyes are on me and I walk up and kiss Niall. I can just imagine his jaw clenched jealous face. I smile a little. He deserves it. I turn around and he's not there. My smile slowly fades and I run up to Lou. "where did he go?" I ask. Lou points to the tour bus. I run up there and I hear crying. My heart clenches. I knock on the door and hear a muffled go away Lou. "it-it's not Lou." I say softly. "Tay?" he questions. I nod but remember he can't see me "ya..." just as I do the door opens in a rush and I have to take a few steps back so it doesn't hit me. He turns to me, a scowl on his beautiful face. His jaw clenches and he let's out a breath. "what do you want?" he sniffles. "I'm sorry I was just mad okay?" 
"whatever." he brushes past me.
"Li wait!"  he stops.
"Li?" he turns around with a smirk. "you get that from Lou or Harry?" 
"ya... I kinda like it." I step forward and look up at him with a smile. He leans forward and gives me a kiss, pushing all his feelings into it. I feel sparks and see fireworks. It's magical. When he pulls away I wish he hadn't but then he envelops me into a warm embrace. I wish I could stay like this forever. Lou opens the tour bus door and I jump away like he burned me. "hey, everyone okay in here?" 
"ya" Liam responds. Lou nods an shuts the door. I let out a laugh. Best day ever.

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