Cousin's Best Friend

I'm Louis' Cousin. Yes THE LOUIS TOMLINSON. I'm Visiting Him On His Tour With His Band. But It Might Be Kinda Hard Since I'm Falling For One Of His Best Friends. Liam Payne.


8. I thought He Loved Me.... Going Back With Nialler?

Cousin's Best Friend Ch. 8 

"Li please talk to me.." 
"I just want to be alone... Please.."
I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his waist sitting behind him. He looks at me. "I'm so sorry Tay, this was my fault if I had just let you and Niall be then..." 
"no it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself, Dani and Niall did this to themselves." he smiles and I kiss his cheek. "come on let's go see everyone else." I grab his hand and lead him to the bus.

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

Liam still hasn't talked Niall but he at least talked to Danielle. They are still talking right now. I hear the door click and see Li. I smile. "you okay?" 
He shakes his head. My smile fades. "what happened?" 
"don't want to talk about it... I'm going to bed."
My brow creases. I'm confused. I stand in the door way. "no, tell me what happened." I hold my ground.
"I ended up getting back with her okay!! Is that what you wanted to hear?!?" he brushes past me. I feel the tears stream down my face. I see Lou come inside and I run into his arms. He stands there shocked but recovers and returns the hug. He runs his fingers through my hair. "it's okay.."

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

I'm staying away from Liam. Far away. I may just go back to britain. I'm also staying away from Niall. I seriously thought he cared about me. But they're both just playing with my heart. 
"Tay, can we talk?" Niall looks pleadingly. I ignore him. "please?"
"no, just leave me alone." I look him dead in the eye. He swallows, nods, and backs down scratching the back of his neck. I watch as he walks away in sorrow. Hmph.. He deserves to be sad... He crushed me... But... He gave me another chance when I kissed Li- you know who.... So maybe I could... "Niall..."
He perks up. "ya?"
"you wanted to talk.."
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry... I was uh... Only trying to get even..." 
"I'm really sorry.."
"whould you please forgive me?"
"ya I owe you that much..."
He smiles an hugs me. "thank you."
I smile "your very welcome."
"so what does this mean... For us?" I ask.
"I don't know... But you know Harry really likes you and so does Zayn... You could date them.."
"what about you?"
"I don't want you or I to get hurt again..."
"so that's it?"
"ya pretty much... Unless you'd go back out with me?"
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