Cousin's Best Friend

I'm Louis' Cousin. Yes THE LOUIS TOMLINSON. I'm Visiting Him On His Tour With His Band. But It Might Be Kinda Hard Since I'm Falling For One Of His Best Friends. Liam Payne.


2. Dinner

Cousin's Best Friend Ch. 2

I sit there awkwardly between Lou an a long haired boy. Its been awkward since we walked in an every once in a while Lou will look at me to make sure I'm okay then scowl. I knew I should have stayed in the hotel room. The boys were having fun till we walked in an Dani practically screamed when she saw a brown haired boy with these amazing brown eyes, that every once in a while would glance at me an make my legs feel like jelly an my heart beat a little faster. But when Dani screamed he flinched and flashed what looked like a fake smile as she jumped in his arms. They kissed an I looked away and she took her seat beside him making Niall get up and move. But Eleanor just came in and sat next to Lou an gave him a sweet kiss to the cheek that made me smile. After that it has been pretty much silent except for the small conversation between the long haired boy, Niall and the dark haired boy. Just as I was about to break the silence Lou perked up "okay since Taylor decided to join us as well as Dani an El, I think she should get to meet the rest of us, she knows Niall so I'll let you go first." he says tapping the long haired boy next to me. "oh uhm... Hi I'm Harry Styles." he says nervously running his fingers through his long curly hair.
"Taylor" I say smiling at him. He sheepishly grins and looks to the dark haired boy who shyly smiles an says "hi I'm Zayn Malik." and elbows the boy beside him "ow!.... Oh uh I'm Liam Payne." he says smirking at me then winks, thankfully not noticed by Dani. Dinner picks up from there I opt out since I had already ate but joined them for dessert. After dinner we all left for the hotel and Dani an El kissed their boys goodnight as we walked to the elevator. Zayn and Harry took the elevator along with Lou so it left me, Liam and Niall. 
"so uhm Taylor how long will you be joining us on the tour?" Niall asks
"uhm.. As long a Lou lets me" I say smiling. 
"good cuz I was uhm wondering if... Maybe you'd still join me for nando's one night?" he looks at me sheepishly and I smile. He's adorable and Liam has a girlfriend so I guess I could. I open my mouth to say yes when Liam interrupts " don't you think you should ask Louis first?" his jaw is clenched an it looks as if he's jealous. "uhm no I can make my own decisions and yes Niall, I'd love that." I smile an just then the elevator opens an we walk inside but Liam decides to take the stairs an I follow him leaving Niall on the elevator. "are you okay?" I ask an he whips around an kisses me literally taking my breath away. I sigh into the kiss an grip his jacket for support as he runs his fingers through my hair. We pull away for air and he sets his forehead against mine and I stare into his eyes. But then panic washes over his face as he realizes what he just did an bolts to his room. he's tall so it's hard to keep up with his strides. he makes it to his door an slams it behind him. I bang on it yelling his name. He doesn't answer just then Harry comes out an I fall into his embrace, sobbing. He waits till I'm done to ask "what happened? Are you okay?" 
"I just need Lou please?" I ask. He nods taking me there an Niall comes rushing asking what's wrong an I tell him I'll talk to him tommorrow. I walk in and see Lou's worried face and I start to cry again. He takes me to my bed and sets me down and lays next to me. "you wanna tell me what happened?" he asks softly running his fingers through my hair. 
"Liam kissed me." I whisper. His eyes widen as he understands. He nods an tells me to go to sleep that we'll talk more in the morning. I nod an close my eyes falling into a blissful sleep filled with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Lou.
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