Cousin's Best Friend

I'm Louis' Cousin. Yes THE LOUIS TOMLINSON. I'm Visiting Him On His Tour With His Band. But It Might Be Kinda Hard Since I'm Falling For One Of His Best Friends. Liam Payne.


9. Back With Niall, Harry Likes Me, & Drunken Mistakes?

Cousin's Best Friend Ch. 9

I'd love to go back out with Niall but... It's so complicated and we could get hurt again... "uhm..I just... I'd love to... But... Promise me you won't do that again?"
"I promise." he leans in and kisses me. "sealed with a kiss." he smiles and I laugh and shove him. 

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

Niall thinks I should talk to Liam. I just... I would but I dont know what to say. I mean I think he has stuff to say to me! Ugh! I go to Liam's room... He's not there. I go to walk out and run into... Harry. "hey" he says softly.
"you okay?"
"ya, just looking for Liam.."
"oh.... So uhm.." he scratches the back of his head. "are you and Niall... You know together..."
"that's great because u was gonna- oh...." he goes limp. I examine his sad green eyes. I lift his head. "hey you okay?"
"I'm fine.." he withdrawals himself from me. I'm confused. "hey... Oh.." the realization just hit me. He was gonna ask me out. Me. Shit... I'm in deeper than I thought. I'd give him a chance if it wasn't for Niall. I still like Niall. Ugh this is so complicated! I go after Harry. " hey! Harry!!" he turns around. "what?!?" I back up. His tone scares me. His eyes go wide as he realizes what happened and he runs. Runs really really far.

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

"where is Harry????" 
"I uh... I don't know.. He ran.."
"ran where???" Lou asks.
"I don't know.."
Harry walks in. "what's going on?"
"where have you been??? The concerts in a hour!!!" Paul says walking towards Harry. 
"it's my fault..." I whisper.
"no I just got upset and needed to take a walk." Harry looks to me. I smile a little. 
"okay... Go get ready." Paul says. Harry walks by looking to me once then going to his dressing room. I see Liam glance at me. I look away. I REALLY don't want to talk to him. I get up and go to Niall. "hey.." I say.
He looks to Liam. "go talk to him."
He points to Liam. "go..."
I look at Liam. He looks tired. His eyes are rimmed red.... Has he been crying? I walk over "Li..."
"What?" his tone scares me.
"I... Uh..." I don't know what to say
He gets up and walks away. I scoff. Rude. Harry comes out and they all leave for their concert. I'm not even in the mood to go watch. 

Louis. Zayn. Liam. Niall. Harry.xoxo

Niall texted me an hour ago saying they were going to the bar for a celebration. I sigh. I hear a knock at the door. "Tay Babe open the door." it was Liam. I open the door he has his arm against the side of the bus and is hunched over. He looks me up and down licking his lips. He's drunk I can smell the Alcohol on his breath. "hey baby." his voice all husky, he steps inside walking towards me. His pupils dilated looking at me like Full of lust. "I've missed you so much." 
"Li, your scaring me." my voice trembles. He lets out this sexy laugh "why? " he looks me up and down again. "I want you so bad." he lunges forward attaching his lips to mine, pushing his tongue in. I let out a moan as he nips at my lip. He pulls away for a quick breath then pulls me toward him by my waist and kisses me again. "we-we can't do this." my protest drowned in his lips. He moves from my mouth, places kisses on my jawline, then moves to my neck nipping at my pulse. I bite my lip holding back a moan and tug at his hair releasing a groan from his lips. He pulls back a devilish grin on his lips and he places a soft kiss on my lips and starts unbuttoning my shirt. "Li-" he shushes my protest placing a finger on my lips. "I Love You.." he says looking into my eyes. I let him continue as we trail to his room. 
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