Zayn Malik returns after leaving his best friend for the x-factor. Hopefully he will remember his best friend and his old crush


1. When he returned

My mom yelled for me to get up. It was time for school and I was dreading it. "hopefully something interesting happens today, please" I begged to myself. I got dressed in a black v-neck. Some ripped hollister jeans. To top it off, I grabbed my vans. Right before I got downstairs, I put on eye liner and mascara. I never put on too much makeup.
I ran downstairs and got a granola bar to go, I was already runnin late. I said bye to my mom and got in my car. It took 10 minutes to get to school but for some reason there was so much traffic. "hurry up!" I yelled and started honking. I finally got to school and found my friends. I asked them what was all the traffic but none were answering, just staring. I figured out where they were looking. I finally noticed, Zayn Malik was back. He was my best friend and got through everything with me since I was 2. I couldn't handle seeing him, I liked him so much, since we starred our friendship, I liked him. That's until he went to the x-factor. Now he's back and he looked better than ever. I ran to the bathroom and wished for this day to be over
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