Zayn Malik returns after leaving his best friend for the x-factor. Hopefully he will remember his best friend and his old crush


13. Socceri

I was confused. I couldn't think straight. I just kissed Louis and I said I loved him. I kicked the ba harder, I was so frustrated. Once it came rolling back i kicked and it flew over the fence.
"great" I said
As I was walking to get it I saw it fly over.
"huh?" I whispered
Then Zayn came from behind the fence. He walked slowly towards me and stops inches away from my face.
"how did you know I was here" I asked
"come on jackie, you don't think I know you?" he chuckled a little.
I grabbed the ball and continued taking out my frustration. Zayn came over and started to block me. I tried to go around but he was acting like a defender.
"Zayn move" I said
"gotta get past me" he winked
I sighed and tried to get past him. He knew all my moves. So I decided something different. I dribbled the ball slowly and left it close behind me. I started trace my fingers on his perfect abs, kissing him lightly on his jaw line. I took a glimpse at him and saw how hypnotized he was. I grabbed the ball and last him.
"I think I just got it past you" I said smirking
"you little tease" he laughed
Me and Zayn played for a while and enjoyed eachother. Zayn was the one, but how do tell Louis?
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