Zayn Malik returns after leaving his best friend for the x-factor. Hopefully he will remember his best friend and his old crush


3. He found me

I was in my bed balling my eyes out. I heard the door bell ring and totally forgetting Zayn knew were I lived, I mean we hung out almost everyday. I ran down and opened, Zayn was standing there, his face showed that he was sorry but I just stood there. He grabbed me and hugged me tight. He whispered "I really love you and I'm sorry Jackie" He let go as I said I love you too. Nobody was home so he leaned in, taking his chance. I couldn't help but let him. Once he touched my lips, it felt like sparks. He grabbed my waist as I grabbed his neck. We moved apart at the same time and we felt like out old selves again. It made me feel like my natural self. We didn't let go of eachother, we missed each other so much that we just stood there both thinking about how perfect that kiss was. He leaned in again pecking my lips, wanting more. We hugged a while missing each other at the door
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