Zayn Malik returns after leaving his best friend for the x-factor. Hopefully he will remember his best friend and his old crush


2. Finally noticed

I got out of the bathroom trying to hides face, until I bumped into someone. An yep it had to be Zayn. "shit" I said. "Jackie" he said "uhh yeah" "is it really you?! Oh my gosh how are you? " "doing good, uhh bye" I ran to class. I got to class and figured out Zayn was in my classes, all of them. Kill me I thought. "hey Jackie I really need to talk to you" "uhh ok how bout after class" I said not staring at him. He had a smirk on his face which always made me smile.
It was after class and he grabbed my hang running to some empty hallway. "Jackie I'm sorry, I missed you so much and should of done sometning" I looked at him not saying anything. He continued on while I tried hiding my tears. Once he finished, the last thing he said "Jackie, I love you" I ran away, all my feeling came back.
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