Zayn Malik returns after leaving his best friend for the x-factor. Hopefully he will remember his best friend and his old crush


8. Festival

Me and Zayn got up and started going back in the house. It was already 2 so we decided to start getting ready for the fair. I had to drive back home and get dressed. I grabbed some black shorts and blue tank top. I loved wearing simple things. So I drove back to zayns place. I knocked on the door and he opened. He was wearing a white top with beige pants. He look adorable. "ready?" he asked. "yep" he grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. He opened the door for me and we drove off. The festival wasn't too far, maybe 15 minutes. We finally got there but before we got out of the car, he grabbed a hat and sunglasses from the back seat. I knew it was to hide from fans. We got out and walked into the fair. Already fans are noticing but Zayn grabbed my hand and ran to somewhere less crowded. We got on a ride that wasn't too popular, which was the ferris wheel. I thought it would be more crowded but I guess not. We got on and looked at the amazing view at the top. He put his arm around me. I always enjoyed his little ways of flirting. He grabbed my chin and kissed me. This moment was perfect.
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